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Posted: February 7, 2022

Sci-fi Dust Devil Spirit

Topo the Torbellino

by Daphne Oberon Interested in this? Contact The Artist

Art From The Imagination Contest Entry 
Topo is a magic realism dust devil spirit in a novel I have basically finished but which still needs a lot of final editing. The snaky, worm-like spirit is supposed to look scruffy and dirty. It is rather like a genie in that it can be responsible for good or bad depending who rules it. Topo can teleport animals and people by dissembling and then reassembling their atoms, not unlike a Star Trek transporter I suppose. He can facilitate time travel and more, but whomsoever controls Topo must be careful that the powers the spirit affords them don't infect them with greed. Topo is one of a class of dust devil spirit called, Torbellinos that come out of holes in the ground, especially subterranean gold mines, oil wells in Texas, and the like. In my fiction, a powerful but well-intentioned ghost with poltergeist attributes gets control of Topo, and well, out there in a desert and especially where a spectacular goldmine which the bad guys want to get their hands on is concerned, things get really complicated! Topo is wanted "Dead or Alive" lol... The following is a paragraph is a teaser from the book: "¡No me digas! I may have heard of this type of phenomena. In the case of Miguel the woodcutter?s burro, Miguel swore upon Saint Anthony, the saint of lost things, that together with an uprooted hitching post, a great spiraling force unceremoniously dropped his braying burro right through the roof of his thatched hut. This, I believe to have been a prank by a fiend acting at the command of a mischievous, but very powerful witch doctor. These conjurers beam a vulnerable person, animal or object from one place to another simply to practice their powers!"
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Topo the Torbellino by Daphne Oberon
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