Preparing Your Image For Online Viewing

Prior to uploading your photo or artwork it is recommended that you resize it to 700 pixels in width. This is optional (but recommended). Your upload should be a .jpg or .gif file.

Software is available (for free) that allows you to open your work, resize it, and save it for online posting.

Free Picture Resize Starter
If using a PC we recommend this utility. It's very easy to use. Click here for a video tour. To resize your image use the menu to "Open" your image. Using the toolbar on the left enter "700" as the width. Click the "Resize Image" button on the toolbar. Use the menu to save your newly resized image.
View Details or Download Image Resizer

Image Resizer
To resize your image choose "JPG" from the tab view and enter "700" for the pixels. Next, choose "Resize". Your image will be created (with a different name from the original) in the folder you selected the original image in.
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RapidoResizer (for the Mac)
This Mac tool is similiar to the tools for the PC in that it simply resizes images.
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Adobe Photoshop
This tool is not free. But it has many features and is fairly user friendly. We have included a link to a trial copy that expires after 30 days. To use this tool to resize an image open the image. Next select "Image" and "Image Size" from the menu system. Finally, save this resized copy as a .jpg or .gif file onto your computer. Use that copy to upload to the site.
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After you have converted your image click here to post artwork, click here to post a photo, or click here to create a book of work. If the site informs you that the file size is too large save the file again as a .jpg and lower the quality of the image.

The site will prompt you for the image to post. Just follow the on-screen instructions to select it from your computer.

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