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Werewolf Moon

Digital art

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Comment from kimwaynew

Hi, wow I hope I never run into this guy. I see more than a werewolf. I see a black widow spider and an ape. you have potential but feel that you need more detail to show the werewolf. The grey highlight from the hair looks like it may be coming from the moon which maybe the moon should be a off yellow. . Keep up the good work and thanks for showing your picture.

 Comment Written 22-Feb-2009

Comment from shiloh106

Your werewolf is pretty cool the effects you have used on the edges really make his long hair stand out nicely. Good color for the eyes, look like wolf eyes at night. I would suggest a different color for the moon it is blending in with the wolf.

 Comment Written 22-Feb-2009

Comment from ahsphotos

This is good digital work and the technical ability is good too. The colors are fine and the piece ahs great story telling ability. A little less grey tone up top would help the impact of the work.It would define the ears a little more.

 Comment Written 22-Feb-2009