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Beautiful Autumn

Fall is in the air

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Comment from KarenMartin

Initial impact 5
colour harmony 5
creativity 5
technique 5
composition 5

Very nice work as usual.

Thank you for sharing

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from heart4art

very beautiful indeed.
though in my neck of the woods it
feels like old man winter is here.
this has a nice feel to it and i like
the color harmony. the little florets
look like fairies from afar. as usual
you have done a super job.
thanks for sharing...eileen

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from roxybell

wow i like the gold background it looks really good.great story telling ability and center of interest is good. thanks for sharing looking forward to seeing more of your work.

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from slblevins

Love the gold leaves and white flowers that yoou have framed it with. I love the color harmony, the soft colors make you feel all warm inside. Like how you sprinkled the leaves and flowers over the pumpkins giving it that extra special touch.Very eye appealing and creativity of presentation great. Great job! slblevins:)

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from lorac1

This is lovely seasonal art. The pumpkins and the little flowers all around look great together. The colors are perfect for the season as well as harmonious. The picture holds attention and contains much story telling ability.

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from donkeyoatey

This is nice and sweet, the colors are really nice, and I like the gold around the edges a lot. The flowers are a nice addition too. (but they do need stems) Donkeyoatey

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from BingoStar

What a nice creation of Beautiful Autumn. Gentle soft colors in orange,browns and white. Everything looks natural and just hanging out for a while together before the next Great Wind sends them on their way. The pumpkins set the mood for the autumn affair. Very Cool Bingo!

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from Angelheart The First

It would be wonderful if I could give you a six star for this painting as it is really beautiful Shawn.The gilded appearance
is spectacular with what looks to me like mother-of-pearl leaves.The pumpkins are perfectly drawn and you can "feel" the leaves being blown around in the painting.
What a fascinating painting,Shawn and only you
could do this.
Angelheart :)

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from cmyers

This is wonderful with great colors, details, clarity, effects, presentation, creativity, and impact. Love all the little blossoms, and the surrounding border, too...wonderful seasonal work.

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009

Comment from Rebelwolf

I'm surprised this isn't a Halloween contest entry, Shawn - it's beautiful! A much more delicate way to view pumpkins - a refreshing contrast to the harsh sinister faces more commonly associated with this plump vegetable!

I love the fairytale mood you have achieved here...did you know we wolves LOVE pumpkins? ;)

 Comment Written 16-Oct-2009