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Morning Mist

Digital Landscape

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Comment from slblevins

Really like the sihlouteed trees that frame it on both sides. The blue mist really adds interest. You can barely see the water and mountains in the background. Looks kinda mysterious. Center of interest is great, color, lighting, technique and creativity of presentation. Susan:)

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from Richard Swarbrick

A beautiful and warm scene created here in this picture.
The scene is just simply wonderful.
The foreground silhouette of trees and then the warn waters and on to the hills and the distant sky. Just superbly created and a joy to view.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from RobiWeber

Brilliant work!
The color is fabulous, I love the softness of the sea and a beautiful background coast in the mist. The dark trees and plants is soft and touching, perfect contrast with the water and hills. Beautiful!
Great work!!!

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from Wolfdancer

A very inspiring piece of art. A lovely gradient of blue billowing out from the water into the sky and a nice misty glow on the water. Very well done!

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from GaliaG

you should know that all of your paints make me smile and feel good when I first look at then
there is same thing very clam and serene on those that I can connect with and love

thanks a lot for sharing

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from AntheaGrace

Spectacular and leaves this viewer breathless..wonderful presentation, composition and creativity..Initial impact..
(!) 5*** and dreamy beautiful shades of blue colour in perfect harmony..loving the gentle and soft highlights and am lost in the magic of the overall..congrats another wonderful piece..cheers to you

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 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009