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Morning Mist

Digital Landscape

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Comment from Creator's Touch

Very peaceful, relaxing place. Great work with the colors, tree choice is perfect and love that you chose black. Great tech work, awesome presentation and impact. Love the water there's such a nice flow to it, color wise and movement wise. I can feel it!

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from donkeyoatey

This has an almost oriental feel to it, both in the composition and the execution, I think it is the tree needles. I like the soft and subtle colors and the misty look of the background. Donkeyoatey

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from mimsd

I like it better with the elf, but this does bring out the background more. And regardless it is still beautiful.

Initial Impact - 5
Creativity - 5
Color Harmony - 5
Center of Interest - 5
Technical Excellence - 5
Technique - 5
Lighting - 5
Composition - 5

Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 07-Nov-2009
    The elk is a whole different painting even though they look similiar. When this one goes of lising, I have plans to put a mama deer and fawn in this one. I thank you so much for the excellent review, Mimsd!! Very very much appreciated. :)
Comment from Dazzleme

This is so lovely. I simply love the silhouette that this is seemingly representing. The trees on either side are a wonderful added feature for this compo and the colour combo is effective.

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from shiloh106

The light is very pretty. A nice morning glow to the mist. Very nice composition. I'm sure you have figured out by now that I am a fan of those spiky ends to the tree branches. Nice framing of the water and mountains :)

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from Angelheart The First

Once again Shawn,you have included everything I love in art.
Mountains,Sunrises,silhouettes.This is going to have to go into my favorite are because it is the sum of all the things that I love.The misty look is just outstanding,you can almost hear the Lady in the Lake calling out.
Finally and most importantly are the lovely silhouettes that make up over half of the painting.You do them with great finesse.
I love this one.
Angelheart :)

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from EJobrack

I didnt see the previous version, but this one is very nice. Knowing you added more light, I was especially noticing the light in this piece, and find it fine. It is a nice companion piece for the elk.

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2009

Comment from Eternal Beauty

another wonderful master peice. i see it has gotten all time best, so you have a lot of reviews.. im sure they are all wonderful.. i do not read others reviews i go with my own opinion... my opinion is this is prize winning.. Lori.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from deansterz photoz

Surreal environment represented here. I expect the Loch Ness Monster to pop his head out of the water just any moment. The layers of trees across the water are too similar in shape and need more variation.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from Linda Bickston

the morning mist with out the elk. It seems to be a bit emptier. The skylight is inviting, and the trees are fantastic.

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 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2009
    I thought about putting the elk in this one, but because I had already posted it, I did a whole new painting for the elk. After this one goes off listing, I will try a mama deer with a fawn. :) I think that would be perfect because of the softness of the painting. Thank you for taking the time to review this, Linda. I appreciate it.