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Morning Mist

Digital Landscape

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Comment from cowgirlup191965

"what a great piece of art I love the level of detail you have achieved here the color composition is fantastic as well as the depth beautiful work here"
Beautiful colors, great technique. Excellent result! Real pleasure to view.
Thanks for sharing and posting
It was a great pleasure reviewing it
# Initial impact 5
# Creativity of presentation 5
# Color Harmony 5
# Center of Interest 5
# Technical Excellence 5
# Technique 5
# Story Telling Ability 5
# Lighting 5"

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from TimeSnatcher

The morning sunshine works for me :)
It shows the depth of the painting and is a nice contrast to the silhouetted trees.

Very nice.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from Klikker

This soft image creates a good mood and the way in which you have depicted it is brilliant.
Technical 5
Lighting 5
Colors and tones 6
interest 5
Creativity 6
Initial impact 5.5

Wish I had a higher score available as it deserves it really. Deeply satisfying to look at. Thanks. Nick

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from STEFFI

This is divine. It is a pity that I don't have a SIX. You certainly deserve it for this masterpiece. It is so exquisite . The fog is surreal.
So many layers, different colours and the trees are so beautifully outlined.Wonderful atmosphere and peaceful feeling. It reminds me of a Japanese art.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from dreamndee

I didn't see the first one and the little thumbnail I thought this was a bad photo full of artifacts. But I'm pleasantly surprised to see this is a digital artwork. Gorgeous coloring and great framing. Your foreground is very sharp looking and the use of lighting is wonderful.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2009

Comment from Robin Gillow

What a pleasant mood this creates. Your idea, technique and colour here is really lovely. It has been very nicely executed, and your final result is a delight on the eye. Thanks, Robin

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from RobRich

I really like this digital art piece. The colors of the water, mountains and sky are calm and soothing. The trees in silhouette frame the landscape beautifully. ~roberta

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from firefly8

This is a beautiful piece. The initial impact is breathtaking.
Color harmony is top notch
It draws you right in beyond the foreground trees and makes you want to peer into the mist to see what is there. Playing the foreground darks against the lighted bacground is very effective. This is a wonderfule piece.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from catmal

i like this alot shawn,,really misty and appealing..great depth and alot going on in the distance,,has a kind of haunting quality about it..

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from Snopaw

I passed by this just the other morning Shawn, lol. Seriously we drove down the coast early the other day and I saw such a misty sight between two trees, near Gualala. I love this, wonderful colors and a great feeling to it. Shirley

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009