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Morning Mist

Digital Landscape

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Comment from fotostalker

Beautiful, soft, expressive colors and dynamic foreground and side framing elements in silhouette with just the right amount of detail. Wonderful sense od light play on the water and the dreamy hint of the mid and background elements. Very emotive work with strong initial impact and great holding power. Composition draws me in and keeps me in to look at the details and luxuriate in the soothing colors. Outstanding work! Peace, Dan

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from ftbtaxman

This is a very pretty piece. I love the soft colors and the silhouetted foreground. Lots of detail to see. It almost has a layered look to it. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from nonarom

I like very much this style in your last images; they remind me of those beautiful cartoon movies in the childhood - Jungle Book, etc. - they are so neat, full of special light and romantic.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from ducilla

I love the composition ..
The colors and design are excellent and the tall tree lends itself to the portrait frame very well. It keeps the eye wanting to see more and more. A very good way to keep the viewer lingering around to really see the fine work.. I think the depth you create with these is fantastic Shawn..Well done...Dennis
Oh,And I am glad you left the tree on the right on a slight angle.Most folks would put it in the frame strait and vertical..Nature is not strait...

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 05-Nov-2009
    Thank you so much for the awesome review, Dennis. :) Just so you know, I spent over an hour looking at all your fabulous landscape/sunset photos yesterday. I didn't get a chance to view all, so if you don't mind, I would like to spend some time just browsing again today. I was totally in another world yesterday. You have taken some outstanding photos with a good eye for composition. It's really hard to comprehend how you get a photo to look like "photography" and not just a snapshot. Beautiful work! :)) Now, I'm wondering who's reviewing whom here...LOL!!
reply by ducilla on 05-Nov-2009
    LOL..We can agree to review each other! All input is good. Even thoughts from some very armature beginners have their place.We need to be able to pursue acceptance from all walks of life. We get so involved with our various little art communities we sometimes forget the public is really basically only interested in what looks good..Hopefully the work we show has good technical components AND is pleasing to the "just passing by.." folks as well. The balance between the two is where I personally want to be.. .. As far as the portfolio look all you want.. (It is not like you are a peeping Shawn! )Also you can see some different type stuff on ( Ducilla is the same screen name)....You might like the redbubble site... Dennis
reply by the author on 05-Nov-2009
    I just didn't want to feel like a kid in a candy store with her hand caught in the candy jar. Just wanted to let you know what I was doing. :)
Comment from xennia

This is so beautiful, and you are turning this into a series:) Wonderful details in the trees and grass, amazing softness of the mist you have added. I like the colors too, add some mystic atmosphere of the morning. My favorite here is the tree on the left, looks like a survivor. Great creation, thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from Gteneyckhunt

this echnique that you are developing is wonderful. It is very calming to view. The way you are layering your colors give nice depth to the field . Keep up the good work . Gretchen

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from ARTHOUND

in the missty moon light wow this is awesonme shawn the color harmony is awesome the different hues that you used for this misty background are fantastic i love the way yuo can just see through the mist and see the mountians and the hilly shoreline across the water so exsotic lookis very oreantal to me the tres and the land in the foregraound make a perfect view john{ :"

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 05-Nov-2009
    You may want to change your opinion, John, as I just change the coloring of this. If you wish to delete your review, feel free to do so :) And I thank you so much for taking the time to bestow beautiful words upon my work. LOL...A little bit of a fancy thank you :)))
reply by ARTHOUND on 05-Nov-2009
    either way shanw this is magnificent ok i'll change it if you insist 10 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ better john{ :"
reply by the author on 05-Nov-2009
    You always make me laugh, John. Thanks, I needed that :)))
reply by ARTHOUND on 25-Nov-2009
Comment from Snapdecisions

This is clearly another outstanding piece of art you have on offer here Shawn , the subject is superb , Wonderful skills here to provide this stunning overall composition , Trev

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from Robotkin

Dramatic blue sky beautifully offset by the black trees makes this a pic of great appeal and interest...the dramatic contrasts are very good indeed...Rob

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009

Comment from SnapBack To Life

I really love the colour tonings in this Morning Mist piece. It is fresh and moody with great silhouettes framing the water well.

Nice subtle detail in the water and rising mist too.

Lovely to view and well done.

 Comment Written 05-Nov-2009