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Sandy Feet

A person walking barefeet on a sandy beach.

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Comment from Sis Cat

Thank you for use of your "Sandy Feet" illustration on my FanStory poem "flip flops held in hand." Your artwork accentuated my poem nicely and dozens of FS reviewer praised it for its dreamy quality of summer days at the beach. The bold colors of the red, trunks, tanned legs, yellow sand, and brown shadow are exquisite. The simplicity also lends it a childlike playfulness. I could not have found a better illustration on FanArtReview for my poem. Once again, I thank you very much. You are a great talent and I hope to use your illustration again to publicizes your work.

 Comment Written 04-May-2015

reply by the author on 05-May-2015
    Thank you so very much for your very kind and very generous admiration of my artwork. Your words are very supportive and encouraging. You are most welcome regarding your use of my artwork to accomping your very well-written descriptive poem.

    VMarguarite :)
Comment from Smurphgirl

Living in Mazatlan, I walk barefoot on the sandy beach every day. This is great and another excellent work of art. Keep up the great work.

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2009

reply by the author on 27-Dec-2009
    Thank you so much for your welcomed comments, and for your 5-Star scoring.

Comment from vipshehan-Nikon

This is a good capture with story telling ability.

I like the detail and the color tones here.

I like the shadow very much.

Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed it.

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2009

reply by the author on 27-Dec-2009
    Thank you for your useful and kind profile of my art, and for your 5-Star rating.

Comment from grassroots08

The hand below doesn't add to this work, but calls it out of proportion. The overall look of this piece is awesome and the feel for shuffling in the sand is there too. Cheers, Don

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2009

reply by the author on 27-Dec-2009
    Thanks Don for your helpful and useful comments, and I appreciate your 5-Star score.

    Vernonette Marguarite
Comment from slblevins

Love the simplicity of it. Colors and lighting are great. The shadow adds more interest. Center of interest is great and creativity of presentation. slblevins:) Hope you had a great Christmas.

 Comment Written 26-Dec-2009

reply by the author on 27-Dec-2009
    Thank you so much for your high admiration of my digital art here. Unfortunately, I had the flu this Christmas and thankfully I am starting to recover. Have a Blessed New Year 2010.