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Valentine 2010

digital floral

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Comment from dianecarsey

Moonwillow, i bow at your feet.

Your talent astounds me totally, the emphasis of this creation is evident in the articles within all matching to one point in time
The colour creation is stunning
I love the glass with the stems just there:)

 Comment Written 02-Feb-2010

Comment from skyseyes

Very creative and well presented. I like the way the photo "pops" out at you. Beautiful focus & clarity. The subject is presented very nicely. Excellent color and spirit. I really enjoyed looking at this photo. Thank you for sharing it.

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2010

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2010
    Although this is not a photo, but a digital painting, SE, I thank you so very much for the wonderful review!! :)
Comment from WolfPause

Impact - nice Valentine photo set
Color - soft, appealing
Creativity - absolutely
Contrast - definitely
Composition - nicely set
Good work

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2010

Comment from Stephanie Laird

This is lovely. The colors are beautiful. The flowers look soft and beautiful. The composition of this image is outstanding. Very nice work.

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2010

Comment from Cherylynn

Such a beautiful piece. Love the depth of color in the flowers, the various colors in the green leaves catching the subtle colors of the blossoms. The dark red and blk color of the slats in the background really help to set off the centre piece. Love the simple yet elegant composition. The only thing that I found a little too heavy for such a delicate piece would be the chain...maybe something a little finer would be more complimentary. You are very talented to be able to accomplish such beauty ...continued success.

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2010

Comment from lorac1

What a prettty digital picture for a valentine. The colors are outstanding, with subtle shades. The composition is pleasing to the eye. Thwew is much storytelling ability in this still life.

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2010

Comment from raydust

very pretty, very outstanding work! I love the tones of colors, they look delicate and very charming, this has such nice personality to it. the lighting of this is superb, very nice. the digital work is seamless, very well put together. this should be enlarged to at least at two foot tall size. nice work!

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2010

Comment from vipshehan-Nikon

Nice creative work here and goes well with the valentines theme. The detail is good and the color tones look great.

Thanks for sharing and good luck for the contest.

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 Comment Written 31-Jan-2010

reply by the author on 31-Jan-2010
    Very nice comments, VI, but it would be good to know why you felt it only merited a 4 star rating. You give no indication of what needed improvement.
Comment from David Ruhl

Very beautiful !

Excellent color harmony.

Initial Impression: 5
Creativity: 6
Color Harmony: 6
Technical Excellence: 5
Technique: 5
Story Telling: 5
Lighting: 5

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2010

Comment from rscsjessamine

Another very competant and professional piece of artwork from you with a subtle use of letters to create the greeting in the design with a very rich use of colour.I would prabably review every work you show but I like to give some of the less professional artists on this site a fair chance .Excellent once again.

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2010