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Arty Flowers

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Comment from Maszrum

Another great piece of digital work. I love those flowers- they look absolutely lovely. Colors are so pretty. I like the background too.

Good job. Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 02-Sep-2010

Comment from Anne

This is great the way you did it. I like the way you have the flowers and the branches in this. The detail and the pattern are great. I like the way you created depth by adding the shadow is wonderful. An excellent and creative work of art.

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from ladyceridwen55

Very nice colors and tones here. Like how the lines are too. lighting and patterns are nice also. lighting is good also.
techique is good....
thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from Nature Gal

Very pretty Pro shop creation. I especially like the lacey background and the softness of the picture. Choise of colors is nice and I like that you left part of the background on the right without color for variation.

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from joyfulartist

The colors that you used to frame the cherry blossom goes very nicely with the flowers themselves.

And I like the way that you have the flowers coming down and then leaning a little to the left.

Good one.

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from Angelheart The First

Why must you be so talented?
We were all supposed to be created equal :(
Seiously Shawn,this is on the simplistic side yet very beautiful in it's presentation.I love the soft colors against the white background and theh shadows of the flowers that you added as a filler.
It's a very graceful looking beauty and I loved viewing it.
Angelheart :)

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from flanders

Very good composition. You've managed to translate the delicay of the real flowers onto this digital creation. gentle soft colours with a strong presence. Love the shadowing and shading. Very well framed. congrats. flanders

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from Robin Gillow

NICE.... Simplicity at times says so much more than clutter and this piece represents that idea very well. The colour, compositional balance and viewing appeal here are lovely. Thanks. Robin

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from kanagraj

Beautiful technique . apprecitable work. Excellent composing the space and balancing act. Lovely color harmony interesting . Good technique and impact. The shadow's looks very beautiful. Over all lovely presentation.

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010

Comment from Nadege

Delicate looking blossoms. Well composed creation with good range of shades and light. Beautiful details on the flowers and fantastic background to set them on.

 Comment Written 31-Aug-2010