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Arty Flowers

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Comment from margas45

Initial impact 5
Creativity of presentation 5
Color Harmony 5
Center of Interest 5
Technical Excellence 5
Technique 5
Story Telling Ability 5
Lighting 5
Delicate, pretty, branches flowing nicely across the frame. Lovely colours and good back light. Very nice work.

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from jerry s.

though not edible/this wets the appetite.beautiful illustration/crisp and clear.well shaped and displayed.colors/shading and contrasts light up this piece.depending where you are-it must be cherry blossom time.

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from Dazzleme

This is so lovely! What a wonderful use of the digital art and program for the creation! Your concept presents so well. The bit of blue in the centre of the flowers really is a highlight of this composition. Excellent job Shawn!

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from lorac1

That is a beautiful digital painting. It is so delicate, with lovely harmonious colors. It catches and holds attention. There is a great deal of story telling potential.

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from AlienVoyager

Initial Impact: Lovely.
Composition: The flowers are arranged very sweetly. Nice balance and angle.
Color: Soft and comforting. Elegant.
Technical Excellence: Excel.
Concept: Good.
Overall Presentation: Well done :)
Associations: Spring... and winter at the same time (must be because of the background)... frosty branches.
Good job ;)
- Elvina

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from bkrh4

Very pretty and very dainty. I like the colour choice here. Nice background too. Very sim[le composition as well. I think perhaps the shadows are a little distracting but really very nice.

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 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from xennia

Beautiful painting, I love the wonderful delicate flowers. You did a great job with colors here, details are so beautiful. I like the way you have presented the background in the flower colors, adds the impact. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from Daliant

Very pretty. The flow of the branches give good movement in the image. Love all the pinks and the greys of the shadows, Good composition. Overall a very satisfying image

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from andylouviere

I like how you did the flowers and branches. It looks very cool. I like the soft background too. Nice touch. Thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010

Comment from cleo85

With these Shadows it looks as if it is en sculpture work. Ironwork with enamel flowers on a marble wall. The sunlight is coming in from the left side panting the shadows and lighten the wall right. Very exquisite and very beautiful.

 Comment Written 30-Aug-2010