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Fresh Fish Dinner_ re-edit

Snake with Fish_ re-edited to mixed media

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Comment from Steve T.

an interesting shot ofthe snake eatingthe fish.
the dof is shallow, the body of the snake is in focus, but he head is slightly fuzzy.
the colrs are good and the lighting is nice.

 Comment Written 01-Aug-2011

Comment from marieann green

Great entry for the contest. Nicely composed and caught at just the right moment. Great story telling possibilities. A pleasure to review

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from David T Francis

GREAT Action shot here with this snake - quite a find especially with your camera in your hand!! Nice details in this shot, colours are good, framing good.

Thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from amfunny

Oh, yuk! right before my breakfast, too. LOL
A great photograph for storytelling. Well composed and focused. Poor fish.

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from willie

Nice shot!
This is really interesting. I have never seen this snake! I have watched others though while eating! Good job here!

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from Zilyram

What an interesting photo, didn't know that fish ate snakes so story very interesting. Compostion and focus good. Coloring also good.

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from GaliaG

a real WOW, never show such a think, and I hope I will never see in real life

good focus, composition, presentation and initial impact

thansk for shairng

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011

Comment from Glass i

What an unusual opportunity to get to capture. You found a good POV to document what was happening. I held back the last half star because the white balance seems cool. Perhaps setting it for shade could have solved? Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 31-Jul-2011