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Heavenly Reflection

Mary's light

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Comment from joyfulartist

The time that you put into doing this picture shows. It is nicely put together and I like the reflection of Mary and also the other colors that you have in this piece of work.

 Comment Written 09-Aug-2011

Comment from darniforgot

What a captivating image! Great composition and use of space. I really like the use of colors you used for the background. The light rays really bring this image to life and make is stand out well. Great creative idea and great job bringing it to life.

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

reply by the author on 09-Aug-2011
    Hi darniforgot, Thank you for such a lovely review. I appreciate and am honored by your compliments alot! :o) Helvi
Comment from Debdog

Fantastic post processing job. I loved reading how you did it, even though most of it was way over my head! I would love to learn techniques such as this! Fabulous!

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

Comment from chickadee

Outstanding creation in mixed media!! The image is so heavenly looking with a wonderful reflection in the water. The scene is outstanding with wonderful use of lighting! WOW!

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

reply by the author on 09-Aug-2011
    Hi chickadee, Receiving a wonderful review from you like this is INDEED an HONOR! Thank YOU SO much! :o) Helvi
Comment from donkeyoatey

I wanted SO bad to give a six, as this deserves it..but must have given you a couple lately, as it isn't an option (sigh)..this is simply lovely in all aspects..well concieved, well executed, emotionally appealing..this pushes all the good buttons! Donkeyoatey

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

reply by the author on 07-Aug-2011
    Most of the time when I receive more than a 5 star rating from you it's a 5 1/2 (which is cherished) , So when YOU say my work is deserving of SIX stars I am honored BEYOND words! THe mixed media YOU do inspired the work behind this piece! The work YOU do is incredible and I SO want to do pieces like it! I don't have any training in this nor expensive software so I continually experiment with what I have to try and complete something worthy of being posted here. Without knowing it YOU push me to be the BEST I can be! YOU are an extraordinary friend and I treasure that friendship VERY much! THank you SO much for this review! A million smiles, Helvi
reply by donkeyoatey on 07-Aug-2011
    I was VERY annoyed that I couldn't give you a six..this has wonderful colors and depth and issuperbly crafted..WAY better than a five! Donkeyoatey
reply by the author on 08-Aug-2011
    Bless You! I am incredibly honored you feel that way! When YOU really like something I did, I KNOW I did a GOOD job! :o) Helvi
reply by donkeyoatey on 08-Aug-2011
    Others like it a lot too! Donkeyoatey
reply by the author on 09-Aug-2011
    I'm thrilled by the reviews I got on this! I appreciate every kind word and encouragement sent, but NONE as MUCH as YOURS! YOU are EXTREMELY supportive! :o) Helvi
Comment from Rivergirl51

This is a stunning picture. Very creative and holds a big impact. Love the dark blue with her standing over water. Nice lighting around her.

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

Comment from RagsAuggie

Very nice like the filter and the details in this! Good story telling! Good composition! Thanks for sharing! Cindy

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

reply by the author on 09-Aug-2011
    Thank you SO much Cindy! A six star rating from you is a REAL honor to receive. I'm THRILLED you enjoyed this that much!
    Smiles and Hugs, Helvi
Comment from pattigirl

Spectacular creative, and significant work here. Everything is very profound. You have done exceptionally well with all the layers and transparencies. Impressive work!

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

Comment from willie

Nice work!
This is really a neat scene. The first thing that comes to mind is a Christmas Card.
I really like the look of it! good job!

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011

Comment from suffolkbrian

good effect in this,and like the description here,not sure even if i could do this i would have the patience to do so,well done for the photo and the effort in doing this

 Comment Written 07-Aug-2011