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models in store windows

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Comment from annie vinson

I love the originality of this photo who would have thought to put this into a grouping. Like the color coordinating as well. Spring is about flowers and you have done well

 Comment Written 23-Sep-2013

reply by the author on 24-Sep-2013
    Wow, how thrilled I was by your review and the 6**. Thank you ever so much. I really appreciate the encouragement.
reply by annie vinson on 25-Sep-2013
    You are welcome look forward to more of your work posted
Comment from Skyangel02

Really great work. I like the effort you put into creating this mixed media. It has turned out to be a very professional looking creation which has taken good photography, time, effort and a great imagination to put together.
Well done on a fantastic creation. It deserves six stars but I have none left.

 Comment Written 18-May-2012

reply by the author on 19-May-2012
    Thank you for your nice review.
Comment from Contests

A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 13-May-2012

reply by the author on 15-May-2012
    Thank you for your very encouraging vote.
Comment from donkeyoatey

Interesting, eye catching and certainly unique..very good color plan, and great execution. Donkeyoatey

 Comment Written 09-May-2012

reply by the author on 12-May-2012
    Thank you for your kind review.
Comment from cleo85

Excellent! You did an outstanding work with this! The merge of the photos is as perfect as the grouping of the mannequins. That should do excellently in the contest. Best luck.

 Comment Written 18-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 19-Apr-2012
    Thank you ever so much for your great rating. I am really encouraged by it.
reply by cleo85 on 19-Apr-2012
    It is an really excellent work!
Comment from jesuel

what a great photo the color is great the detail is great excellent depth great lighting and really great subject matter fine work here

 Comment Written 17-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 17-Apr-2012
    Thank you so much for your nice review.
Comment from dream alone

I've been on this site since about February. This is my first 6 stars rating! I love fashion and the second I saw this I thought how clever to have the flowers covering the heads. I read your notes and I am very impressed with how you accomplished this end result. Very creative! And let's face it - a department store in France?? Can it get any better? This is a lovely image with lots of texture, colors - and the flowered heads don't look brash - the clothes and accessories are bright and then you softened things up with the background and almost foggy floor. I love it!

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2012
    Thank you for your glowing review. I really appreciate it.
reply by dream alone on 16-Apr-2012
    you are very welcome! this site has lots of landscapes, birds and flowers. what a treat to see something like this. i love it!
Comment from Zilyram

This is a very unusual shop display. The pastel colors contrasting well against the more bold ones. Nicely composed and focus is good.

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2012
    Thank you for your kind review.
Comment from skarn1

Interesting idea to isolate all of these "models" and regroup them into one photo! I would have never known had you not said anything! Nice lighting and background color choice!

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2012
    Thank you for your kind review.
Comment from avmurray

This image really appeals to me. I am sitting here thinking how fine it would be if we could replace some people's heads with beautiful flowers. I can think of a few where this could only have a change for the better. LOL You have put a lot of work into this and it is done with such a neat hand that it is impossible to see. The colors are just fantastic.

All the parts of this image are nice and sharp and it is so many lovely details to look at. This is also a very clear image and the light is excellent.

I can of course not know how the photo looked like before you did the regrouping, but it looks very fine the way I see it. I also like the light and even background for all the items to stand out well. This is really a nicely balanced image, and it is original and creative. I wish you luck with the contest.

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 Comment Written 15-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 15-Apr-2012
    Thank you so much for your encouraging review. I really appreciate when reviewers really LOOK at the picture, as you have done. Thanks again.
reply by avmurray on 15-Apr-2012
    You are most welcome