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A Rainy Day in Sydney

a street scene taken at Strand Boulevard entrance

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Comment from Tony B

Wow not too many people with brollys, must be hard to maneuver in a large city with portable tents above their heads. Thanks for sharing a day in the life in Sydney.

 Comment Written 05-May-2012

reply by the author on 06-May-2012
    Thanks Tony for your time and rating.

    It was March in Sydney so the bad weather caught everyone by surprise.
Comment from photobeat

great shot my friend, love how clear it is and the details are fantastic, i dont work far from there ")
love to hear from you and hope you win the contest, beny ")

 Comment Written 04-May-2012

reply by the author on 04-May-2012
    Thank you again - my brother lives in Sydney - everyone was complaining about the extraordinary wet weather when I was visiting in March but I got some really nice photos.
reply by photobeat on 04-May-2012
    we had heavy rain in march and may places got flooded, i hope next time you have a better trip, did you get a chance to visit queensland?, beny ")
reply by the author on 05-May-2012
    I stayed in the Sydney area. In fact apart from the first three days and the two days when I went shopping (photo as you see), the weather was great. It was a wonderful trip - such a beautiful country.
reply by photobeat on 05-May-2012
    next time, will be more than happy to show you around,")
Comment from F11Shen

Your documentary experience shows through here. The focus and story is on the left and you could use the tree as a frame to the right and pull out to show more of the colour that is behind the lamp post. Nice use of light and a good overall image

 Comment Written 04-May-2012

reply by the author on 04-May-2012
    I think I may have replied to this already but if not thank you again for your review and your views.
Comment from terry1938

mrobyn, I really like this composition and your subject. Being a Sydney person, it provides a fresh outlook on George Street, which I tend to take for granted. I realy like the colours you have captured and the movement, plus the window reflections which add that little extra bit of drama to your photo. Would have liked to have seen some camera details. Good technique, focus, exposure and DOF. Well done.....and the rain kept on coming down.

 Comment Written 04-May-2012

reply by the author on 04-May-2012
    Thank you terry. I realise that I have to start concentrating on the technical data behind the photos - I'm not a very technical person. It was captured with my digital Kodak AF 4XOptical Aspheric lens camera. I used a high ISO rather than flash and then had to resort to PhotoSmart to adjust the exposure. I also cropped it in a bit.
reply by terry1938 on 04-May-2012
    Usually your computer will capture this data. When you download your photo and click it open and then go to Properties on the Window and then open 'Details'. This will tell you the date you took the photo, type of camera, f stop, shutter speed focal length of lens ( if its a zoom lens, the focal length you used) and the ISO no. So you dont even have to keep a record of it when you take the photo. Easy
reply by the author on 04-May-2012
    Hello again. Thank you for this information. Surprise surprise - I did in fact use the flash for this photo - I took two in the same location - the first was without flash but for this one I did in fact turn it on to auto. Details as follows:
    Taken 17th march 2012 at 13h30
    Kodak Easyshare Camera M522
    Exposure time 1/125 secs.
    Exposure bias 0 step
    Focal length 5mm
    Max aperture 3.61
    Brightness 3
    Contrast etc normal
reply by terry1938 on 04-May-2012
    Thanks for the info.
Comment from Sam S

This is a nice cityscape image. Good composition, focus and detail. Good artist notes. Well done. Good luck in the contest. Sam

 Comment Written 04-May-2012

reply by the author on 04-May-2012
    Thanks Sam, I really appreciate your comments and rating

    Sincerely Robyn
Comment from marieann green

Good Cityscape shot. Lots going on for to keep the eye busy. colors, composition and clarity are all excellent

 Comment Written 30-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 30-Apr-2012
    Thank you so much for your review and your rating.
Comment from Aggidoo

You have capture completely the moment. I love the combination of colors and the movement. The picture is clear. Great scene thank you.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 29-Apr-2012
    Thank you so much for reviewing and thank you for your rating.
Comment from dream alone

i'm glad you kept it as a wide shot. this wouldn't have the same impact had it not been for the rain. i love seeing the people and wondering where they are going and the focus on this is incredible. good storytelling - especially on a rainy day.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2012
    Thank you so much for this and for your rating.
reply by dream alone on 28-Apr-2012
Comment from robinwing

An good city scape on a wet day,full of interest and left side well lit which offers contrast to centre and righr side of image.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2012
    Thank you for this - I appreciate it.
reply by robinwing on 28-Apr-2012
    Thats ok
Comment from Faffy

A very interesting photo. I grows on you, once you start noticing the reflections it becomes even more interesting.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2012

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2012
    Thank you for taking the time to review