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Tangled Legs

Spider catches Daddy-long-legs

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Comment from sandysartstudio

That you for sharing a wonderful story of nature. you could turn this into an abstract painting. Now tell me how did you do the background. The colours you have chosed works so well with the purple colour of the spider. Many thanks for sharng as I found it of interest

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 14-Sep-2012
    Hi Sandy, Thanks for the Great review! To create the background I embossed the image and then put two transparencies of the Frac filter over it.The spider was on the side of the house and cement was the background. Glad you liked what I did. I am honored! :o) Helvi
Comment from Angelheart The First

Hello my friend,
This is such a deviation from the art that you usually do.
It is quite an interesting
way you have presented it.I'm
sure that you did a bit of work on the background.I also
like the embossing technique
you used for this work.
It's different but I like it!
Angelheart :)

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2012

Comment from jerrid

Well if I had to see this I would of been grabbing my shoe and smash this spider for I don't like spiders!
But I do like your picture!
You have done a good job with it!
Awesome job!

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

Comment from PeggyRose

I love creepy crawler shots This is really interesting with the tangled mess he has gotten into nice abstract photo

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

Comment from donkeyoatey

Dear SO should have saved this for the not natural looks like a collage of beautiful paper..delicate and wonderfully textured..and the color..that is great! Donkeyoatey

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2012
    Awwww,Thank you for thinking this would have been a good entry for the "Not Natural Contest! I am honored! That's one contest I would LOVE to win! I guess I'll have to pull something out of my magic hat for that! LOL Thanks for the lovely review My Friend! :o) Helvi
Comment from Art images by lois

Oh! I don't like spiders. But you have captured the very fragile legs of the spider. Oh a tangled web we weave. It is very creative and a bug lover would want this on their wall. I like your background color. Nice.

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2012
    Hi Lois, Since spiders are NOT one of your favorites, I really appreviate your stopping to review ths! Thanks for the wonderful review! :o) Helvi
Comment from eileen0204

Wonderful capture Helvi. Love the way you caught all the legs, looks like a well conceived design. Love the embossed layer and the frac layers. Quite a creative flair. Wonderfully done.

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

Comment from susanlen

A gruesome sight and one I often see in my garden! Still, even spiders have to make a living and I am not a fan of daddy long legs! The image is well framed with a very pleasing background colour. The layers you have used make the image look like a drawing rather than a photograph. It is quite pleasing to look at but I prefer nature images to appear like photographs since they appear more natural.

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2012
    Hi Susan, I like doing both natural and mixed media photos. Sometimes I just like to be artistic! :o) I really liked the look of this, but you certainly have the right to say it's NOT your cup of tea! I Wish you liked it a little more but appreciate the 4.5 rating. Thank you for stopping by to review! :o) Helvi
reply by susanlen on 10-Sep-2012
    Yes I understand - we all like to experiment. I do like the image, hence my mark, but for some reason prefer nature, i.e. birds and insects, to look natural. When these affects are added to flowers though my attitude changes as some wonderful images are produced. With all the software available to us nowadays I am wondering whether sometimes we are just trying to be too clever improving on nature, which we will never be able to do!
Comment from cleo85

Wow! That is truly amazing that such a little guy is able to take care for the much bigger pray. I guess he has supper for a few days now. I am not sure if the emboss filter enhance or hurt the unique capture. I have the feel that may some detail got lost to the emboss.

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2012
    Hi Cleo, Since you are unsure about the use of the emboss filter in this, I am particularly honored by your six star review. THank you SO much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the shot! :o) Helvi