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green spider

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Comment from Alveria

Great capture. Good clarity, I can actually see the detailed design of the thin spider web. Looks like a big spider. Good composition with the spider centered in the frame surrounded by the web it's working on. Good natural lighting and color with great initial impact.

 Comment Written 26-Apr-2014

Comment from a.samathasena

Very nice beautiful shot.Nice Spider.Black and white body and color decoration legs web and b/g are very nice and great.The Sharp nice focus.Colors are the gorgeous.Creativity color and all excellent.Great job.Thanks.

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2014
    Thanks for your comment a.samathasena.
Comment from tdragonfly

Neat. Bet he was yellow and black on the top side. It really is neat to watch them work so hard to build a web like this one. Nice detail. Like the web catches the sunlight. Color and contrast nice. Framed well. It would not be so nice if he caught a dragonfly!.

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2014
    Thanks, i also have dragonfly photo. Wil upload later.
reply by tdragonfly on 10-Apr-2014
    cool, I hope to see it.
Comment from Life is but a dream.

A nice post that shows this arachnid's habitat as well as the handsome fellow himself!

I think the dof used is very well handled however the focus on the spider is a tad soft and does not show the detail of the body.

Also, in order to bring in the main subject a bit closer to us a tighter crop may have worked to pull him in yet still retain the background info.

I like the style of this image, it's a unique presentation and has been kept natural in colour giving it a feeling of un-pretentiousness, an honest photograph.

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2014
    Thank you so much , i wil give more unique presentation later in my nex photo.