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To see a sunset is breathtaking

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Comment from avmurray

Almost the same scene as the last one I reviewed, but of course the sky is darker and both lights are lit. They look really good with the green light, and are of course standing out really well against the dark sky.

I also like a lot the clouds in this sky because you can almost feel them drifting off. The golden glow at the horizon looks fantastic. Your photo is crisp and clear, and I think the exposure is perfect.

The photo is also nicely cropped and the lamp pole has got a perfect placement off to the left. I think I like this one even better than the other, and it is for sure well taken and with an excellent DOF. I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 13-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 17-Jun-2016
    Thank you so very much! This was taken at the same place as the other one but at a different date and time.
reply by avmurray on 17-Jun-2016
    You are more than welcome Willie
Comment from a.samathasena

What a great nice wonderful lovely shot.Beautiful nice scene and great entrance.Very Nice presentation.Night lights,yellow green occasion,after dark,light and color balance are gorgeous great and make a nice scene.I like this talent work.Focus color and all are excellent.Great job.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 13-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 13-Jun-2016
    Thank you so much!
Comment from nature rules

What a fine play with light and shadows...both natural and electric. The colors that you have created with your camera techs are a pleasure to view. The street lamp makes it a surreal scene. Very well done.

 Comment Written 13-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 13-Jun-2016
    Thank you so much!
reply by nature rules on 13-Jun-2016
    You are most welcome Willie!