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Comment from Sean T Phelan

'Very Cool'!
I've long been fascinated with reptiles of all varieties and your photo of these two Chelonians coming face to face looks Great!
'Good Show',my friend!

 Comment Written 27-Mar-2017

Comment from bpellephoto

Well you have definitely met the criteria of the contest.

Your camera technique doesn't falter. What is above the water line is very well detailed as is those parts that are under water.

Lighting is very good the viewer can see all of the turtles body very distinctly.

This take is well composed and framed.

Good luck in the contest ... B-)) Bob

 Comment Written 27-Mar-2017

Comment from nikman

Quite a nice nature shot presented here! Excuse my ignorance are these turtles and are they about to fight? Your tight composition gives us a good look at them. Exposure and sharpness are fine. Well done!

 Comment Written 27-Mar-2017