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Adam You Blew It

A Gift to Adam from God and...he blamed her!

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Comment from No Eye Has Seen

I just looked over your profile, and I can read and see that your have a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus. I look forward to seeing more of your "Joy in the Lord" in your art, blessings

 Comment Written 21-May-2018

reply by the author on 21-May-2018
    Oh wow! That is so nice to see. Thanks you and God Bless you!
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Where was I when this contest was created--in Paradise?!?

Oh, a well thought out creation with fantabulous prismatic colors!
Eve seemed to have gained pounds as she looks heavier than Adam...(sorry for the pun)
No offense meant..

I like that ray of vibrant light backlighting them creating that solid silhouettes!

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 12-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 12-Apr-2018
    Let's hope not! That was where transgression of God's Law started, so since that we are forgiven in Jesus Christ. We had to have Salvation come! He did and we are saved from condemnation now! Thanks for this beautiful review.
reply by Dick Lee Shia on 12-Apr-2018
Comment from a.samathasena

What a great nice wonderful lovely art.Beautiful nice artistic scene.Great entrance.The Presentation is very nice.Their actions and silhouette details,trees leaves and artistic occasion,b/g are gorgeous great and make a nice scene.I like this talent work.Color creativity are excellent.Great job.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 19-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 20-Aug-2017
    Thanks my friend. Thanks for this review.
Comment from pinklemonade96

This is a sunning silhouette!
I love the colors
The sky is beautiful with a majestic feel
The color draws your eye to the figures
I really like the overall composition
Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 19-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 20-Aug-2017
    Awe, thanks for this review!