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Refreshing Waters

Flamingo dives into his work

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Comment from shoregrass

Fabulous Eileen. Looks like wonderful Flamingo Gardens. The elegance and artistic line of the Flamingo's neck is super and when mirror reflected back in the water is superb. Composed and framed perfectly with the point of beak entry to the water centered. Technically clear with fine detail and natural color. A masterpiece. Good luck. Ed.

 Comment Written 25-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 25-Aug-2017
    Wow, thank you so very much for this Ed! Love my flamingos :)
reply by shoregrass on 25-Aug-2017
    My pleasure
Comment from Kbanich

Ha.... You struggle with the same problem I do! Green Water! It drives me nuts - psychologically my brain is wired to expect blue water. LOL... What do we do. I'm sorry... I've gotten off track and need to recenter. There is nothing we can do - it is what it is. Beautiful reflection, contrast and presentation captured with nice sharpness in the detail and reflective properties. Kathy

 Comment Written 24-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 25-Aug-2017
    Water is always green here in ponds and lakes... you have to go to the ocean to get blue :) Thanks Kathy!!
reply by Kbanich on 25-Aug-2017
    That or the swimming pools... LOL
reply by the author on 25-Aug-2017
    hahaha true!
Comment from Sean T Phelan

They certainly are some attractive and interesting birds,aren't they?
Your colorful photo of this,using it's long Elasmosaurine neck to help it skim the water for food,looks Great,Eileen! : )

 Comment Written 24-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 25-Aug-2017
    thanks so much Sean
reply by Sean T Phelan on 25-Aug-2017
    You're very welcome,Eileen!
Comment from Sange

Clever, unique out of the ordinary entry for a water contest.
While most will enter one waterfall after the's nice to see something different.
Sharp focus, dreamy look, Controlled Exposure and superb stop action on this skimming Flamingo.
Good Luck E ;)

 Comment Written 24-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 25-Aug-2017
    Thanks Sange! I can't do a lot of falls.. Not much around here ;) I;ll stick to my water birds ..... :)