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our life drawing group- weird

our life drawing group- weird what?

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Comment from Lucien van Oosten

I meant to say this before but was diverted by events.
I really like all the textures and shapes you have in this composition. The colors, the patterns and the flow are very eye appealing. It makes you wonder what a life drawing class can be like.
All I can say Is I really like the way you have distorted and intermixed al the figures, the various poses all work well together visually.

I need to promote this water color composition, so other will take the time to look and study the image and see how water colors can be used to create such an expressive painting.

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2017
    thank you-- when you are sitting in a crowded small life drawing classroom, what do you see, all sorts of heads, feet, legs etc and a bit of nudity!!
Comment from rasmine

Okay, I knew you would get a six out of me sometime. :P Love the mixture of body parts. I love the effect of not being able to make out the unclothed person. I personally never took Life Drawing, but I guess it was fun. Hard to imagine a naked person just posing in one position for the entire class.

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    thank you for your support. I still go to life drawing classes when I can even now, though I have been painting for decades. When I was teaching at the British Council in Lahore Pakistan, I also asked if I could join the Punjab Uni life drawing classes. If I do nothing else, I always keep it up. Quiet, peace and concentration..
Comment from Linda Wetzel

I love the attention grabbing colors! What a happy and artsy group. Would love to belong. The varied strokes and colors add so much visual interest.

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 Comment Written 11-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    thank you- yes, I like artsy people too..suppose I am one of them, though I am also a teacher.
Comment from jesuel

What a great piece of art the color composition is great the design is both creative and unique ver Picasso beautiful work here

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    thank you so much for your support..