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Sunset in Adelaide

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Comment from Trajan

Nice sunset image.
The silhouette makes for a dramatic border, as if you are peering through a dense foliage.
The color is quite intense. It looks way over saturated to me which distracts from the image.
It also a little grainy.
Thanks for sharing and good luck on the contest.

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2017
    Hi Trajan, thanks for commenting and reviewing. Yes I've had lots of comments about the graininess and I don't know whether that's something I did by the slight alterations I did on the computer. But I didn't touch the colour saturation at all. This sunset was so amazing it didn't need any playing around with the colours - they are already so intense they are almost surreal. I have another remaining from this time which I shall post and not touch in any way just to demonstrate what those sunsets were like in South Australia - I don't live there anymore.
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to review and comment, cheers, Anita
Comment from jesuel

What a beautiful photo the color is great the detail is great excellent depth great perspective as well as lighting beautiful work here

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 14-Sep-2017
    Oh jesuel, thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I'm not a 'photographer'. I'd like to be able to take 'good' photographs. I no longer have the camera I took this shot with, they aren't 'in fashion' any more and one can't buy film or have it processed where I live. I'm going to get a New Age version of the Canon :) and start taking photos again.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this photo, love, Anita.
Comment from Linda Wetzel

This is a spectacular sunset. I love the reddish halo around the palm tree fronds in the foreground. The palm tree fronds lead the eye directly to the sunset. Best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 14-Sep-2017
    Yes it is spectacular isn't it? I no longer live in that house. It was a real feast every evening at sunset for the eye I can tell you - those sunsets in South Australia are something to behold!:):) Thanks for your best wishes, love, Anita.
Comment from karen zima

Love the bright colors that you used in this photo. They work nicely against the darkness of the palm branches. I like the way the horizon is down 3/4 of the way. The composition is pleasing and the colors are bold. Good luck on the contest.

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    Thank you so much karen zima for your review and comments. Thanks for the best wishes too! Cheers , Anita
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

This is a wonderful shot of the sunset! . You have framed it well. Light and sharpness are very effective in creating a lovely capture. Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to my picture. The sunsets really were something to marvel at from that balcony. Alas, I no longer live there. Thanks again, Anio
Comment from GaliaG

nice angle of shot and composition, but the photo is totally grainy and this takes from the initial impact and the rate

also, the bottom part is too dark without any details

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    Yes Galia G, this has been pointed out. I'm new to posting photos. I don't know whether I have messed this up by playing with it with the computer - perhaps I should not have touched it at all - or whether the original shot is 'grainy'. I'm not a photographer either. I just loved my Canon and loved to take photos with it. I'm going to get a New Age Canon that replaces the old SLR that is now out of fashion. Thanks for commenting, Cheers, Anita.
Comment from a.samathasena

What a great eye catching sunset scene.Beautiful nice scene.Great entrance.Very Nice presentation.The Sunset occasion,golden red artistic sky and clouds,water reflection silhouette trees and leaves are make a nice scene.I like this talent work.Focus color are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.Wish Your Contest.

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2017
    Oh thank you so much a.samathasena. Your reviews and comments are always so encouraging and supportive. Thank you with all my heart, Anita.
Comment from Life is but a dream.

I am jealous that you have such a glorious view from you balcony no less!

There are a few "photographic" issues that I would like to address:

1. It is always critical to get the horizon straight because we do not want the ocean emptying out onto our keyboards. You can take down this image and re-upload the corrected version. That is allowed. Now a bit more about tilting. It is very appropriate to tilt the horizon and many a photographer do this to get excitement into the image and it works....sometimes.

2. Cutting the image into half. If you follow the 2/3 & 1/3 rule of photography it works to strengthen images. Having said that, "rules are for fools" and ought to be broken. Cutting an image in half works when you have perfect symmetry, our brains love that...but when you could enhance an image with more sky and less foreground (or vice versa) that is a consideration for you to think about.

3. Focus. The image needs to be sharp. If you put up your camera specs other photographers who are more serious reviewers could help you along. For example: what was your dof for this image? Did you use a tripod in this low light situation? If you hand held and had a shutter speed that was slow it would suffer from camera shake rendering it blurry. I recently attended a photography workshop and the suggestion was to use f13 as a dof because there is less peripheral distortion....again that could be argued.

4. Noise: you have a significant amount of noise on this image. Noise is the commonly-used term to describe visual distortion. It looks similar to grain found in film photographs, but can also look like splotches of discoloration when it's really bad, and can ruin a photograph. Noise tends get worse when you're shooting in low light. If your camera has a noise reduction feature make sure it is turned on. Are you shooting M or A mode? You can search out more information on noise reduction on the web.

I like your image and feel it is a diamond in the rough. You have captured an emotive quality, a romantic quality and that shows us your artistic bend. Your format is nice with vertical because when vertical is used you are guiding us to the length of subject shot...horizontal would have guided us to the grandeur of the scene, so here your main focus would be the palm trees, and they need to be in focus.

Welcome to FAR, I hope you enjoy the ride.

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 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Oh man, I love you. A photography class just for me. Unfortunately I don't have this camera anymore, it died. I don't live in that AWESOME house with that AWESOME balcony anymore - I've moved 2,000 miles away.
    That being said, I love your comments and tips. I want to buy a New Age Canon and go out and about again. I so loved it and I just can't make do with my iPhone or iPad like some clever folks here do. I like the feel of a camera and all that goes with it.
    Thanks so much for all these excellent tips to someone who just loves the sound of a whirring camera :) But I'd like my shots to be more than just 'pics'. Thanks heaps, Anita.
reply by Life is but a dream. on 12-Sep-2017
    Judging from your post you are not a happy snapper. This image you composed, you saw colour, you formatted it for best presentation. You are very naturally a "photographer" through and shot shows passion. Just keep shooting...and thank you for not ripping my head off.
reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Ahaahaaaha! I'm a teacher and a learner me dear and I'm 71 - when you get this old you start to panic because you realize how pig ignorant you are, how much there is to learn, how much life there is to live and in comparison to how long you have lived how little time there is left - bugger!!!:):):)
reply by Life is but a dream. on 12-Sep-2017
    That is the spark that keeps us nailed it! I hope you never lose that zest.
Comment from michiganmike

A very nicely composed shot with fantastic colors. I like the silhouetted palms in the foreground but there is a fair amount of noise, particularly in the top portion of the sky. Best of luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thanks for reviewing and for your comments. I would have appreciated some suggestions about what to do with the noise. The sky is the sky as it was when I took the shot. Should I have cropped it? Thanks again for commenting - this posting of photos is new to me and all comments and suggestions are most welcome. Cheers, Anita
Comment from Kaymart

It's a lovely photo. The way the trees are dark contrasts quite well with the pink of the sky. Which makes for a great backdrop. I like you the ocean itself also appears to be pink. Nice!

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2017
    Thank you Kaymart for your review. These sunsets in Adelaide, South Australia were truly stunning, almost surreal sometimes. Thanks again, Anita.
reply by Kaymart on 13-Sep-2017