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looks like a slipper

things in the clouds

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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

clouds are something else!! I have always thought so. I feel more so now, that I have learnt that there are two more holes in the ozone layer, one over China and one over USA- worrying..

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2017

Comment from delenaloyd

That is a nice shot of a shoe, maybe a little tattered across the top where the dog chewed on it, but clearly the shape found in the darker clouds. Well done in capturing as you only have a few seconds before it's gone forever.
Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 17-Sep-2017

Comment from Sange

Holy Flippin' slipper in the clouds!
Cindy AKA Cinderella had glass why not cloud slippers!
Nice eye to see this slipper in the sky!
Great entry for this Contest!
Good Luck!

 Comment Written 17-Sep-2017

Comment from Barbara L.

Great capture of this cloud formation that looks like a fuzzy house slipper to me! Perfect entry for this contest. Great natural blue and white cloud colors.

 Comment Written 17-Sep-2017