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Stacked monarchs

Two monarchs trying to feed

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Comment from PeglegDeb

Congratulations Allan on winning the contest w/ this piece. It most definitely got my vote!

Perfectly titled and wow you're timing catching this unusual moment. Butterflies and COSMOS just crisp crisp crisp! Beautiful detail throughout and such natural, lovely color.

It's well exposed too. I really dislike saying 'cyber six' but afraid I must as I just used my final gold star. But this is a wonderfully presented piece and a well-deserved win! I like it a lot!


 Comment Written 07-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 07-Oct-2017
    Thanks Deb for commenting on this image. I am very glad you liked it. No worries about a 6 or not, I don't have any interest in status. I have seen monarchs fight for flowers when there are a bunch of them. I have never caught onr standing on another. I am sure this arrangements lasted only for a brief period!
reply by PeglegDeb on 07-Oct-2017
    Oh it is stunning Allan....not only b/c it is well done but for the unusual capture! I have never seen anything like this and think you must know your camera very well to get this shot. I love that! You are very welcome too btw!
Comment from Browncat

Congratulations on your first place finish in my contest! Your monarchs are gorgeous and the orange flower (instead of the pink, which they often visit) is a bonus. Aneeta Brown (browncat)

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 07-Oct-2017
    Thanks Aneeta much for the great review and setting up this interesting an unique contest. I was very lucky to get this image on one standing on the other.
Comment from nature rules

Wow~ This composition is beautiful from corner to corner for many reasons. But the initial impact is the colors that compliment each other throughout. The orange in the flower and the orange in the butterfly couldn't be more artistically balanced in blending of hues. The greens are the same..with a bit more of an easy way of it. But still..the blends are stunning.

Because of those comfortable blends...your detail has every bit of the stage for your viewer to study. And study it I have. The whites are beautiful and probably my favorite part of the scene and close to the initial impact...after the colors. Excellent!

Your light and shadows have added a beautiful dof. I like the one wing on the top butterfly that is being caught by the sun. And I love his spotted face.

Your framing is easily filling the model for the diagonal attention through this scene plus the space needed for the flight away from the flowers.

Perfection. Best of luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 27-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 28-Sep-2017
    Wow, thanks for the feel good review. I appreciate your time (as I know you are a very busy person) and interest in my work.
    I like your technical reviews as I can always learn from them. Thanks again.
reply by nature rules on 28-Sep-2017
    You are very welcome . Best of luck!
Comment from Lisa M.

Perfect Timing! Beautiful Focal Point and Point of View! Excellent Clarity and Color! Lighting is Perfect! Framing is Spot on! Background is Fabulous and draws the eye to your Focal Point! Excellent Focus, Sharpness, and Exposure! Strong Initial Impact! You've Clearly Shown Technical Excellence! Informative Story! Perfect Contest Entry! Great Job Overall! Best of Luck and Thank you for Sharing ;)

 Comment Written 26-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 26-Sep-2017
    Thanks much for your glowing review, appreciated.
Comment from TBI John

The Monarchs , it's such a beautiful photo ! The colors are spectacular . I love the contrasting colors of the Monarch Butterflies .The clarity is amazing . It's an excellent shot .

 Comment Written 26-Sep-2017

reply by the author on 26-Sep-2017
    Thanks much.