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Deep Purple

Falling Petunia in Garden

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Comment from Dick Lee Shia

You're really a multi talented, versatile lady NanaB!

Please play this piano piece on my.....whichever comes first!
An enigmatic soft capture which reminded me of my unpublished shot hike I was still in Bohol island taking care of my landscape project...

Dramatically soft rendition with Subtle illumination...

Diagonal framing conveys a poetry in motion...
Dark verdant, out-of-focus foliage lends a visually soothing backdrop...

Nice perspective & narrow DOF.

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 05-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 06-Oct-2017
    Thank you Dickson...for comparing these colors to the beauty in your part of the world....and for the most generous rating! : Be well and be happy my friend...
Comment from dalebraatz

love the colors of this beautiful flower. like the details and depth and did I say color. a pleasure to look at. thank you for sharing and good luck. dale

 Comment Written 04-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Thanks so much Dale! I always love hearing from you! And always enjoy your artistic photos~
Comment from bunkie

Oh, your image is so fabulous and rich soft purples that gives us just right amount of sharpness. Image does force us to reflect on memories before times of our, your reality as your beautiful historical lyrics slide us into along the way. For me it was 1945 so remember 78's wrapped in brown paper sleeves and playing them on a old victrola. For me your image reminds me of vocalist Sarah Vaughan, Broken Hearted Melody my favorite of all time. pop hits. Middle 50's so that would make me 10 or so. At such a early age maybe not being loved tho new latter they did just couldn't show it. Music does refresh our memories and truly believe the key to memory loss and it's final victory. I love your image and your journey. Thanks so much for sharing.

 Comment Written 04-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Dear Dave....thank you for the time spent to share your memories along with mine. And yes, I believe music is therapeutic in many ways. Thank you for your generous rating too. I hope your have a good day my friend.
Comment from Jairos

Nice artist notes, love the MACRO shot, Great Focal Point and Point of View, good visual impact, love the color and detail, best of luck on the contest, Jairos

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Thank you Jai...this means a lot coming from you.
Comment from SteveANH

When I look at this picture I am drawn to the wonderful background.

Great greens.. And sharp detail on the main subject!

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Thank you Steve...thank you for looking 'into' this photo. :D
Comment from Neilnap773

This is gorgeous. The deep purple hues of this bloom are truly stunning against the diffused backdrop that the foliage offers us and assists in the enhancement of this main central focus , the flower itself.

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Thank you Neil. I am so pleased you like this one. TY
Comment from Trajan

Nice purple image with a soft blur background.
I appreciate the composition and diagonal movement of the shot.
The little wee bright spot on the one petal draws the viewer's gaze to that point and then outward again.
Great narrative story as well.
Good job.

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    Thank you Trajan...for looking deep into this photo. :D
Comment from TBI John

I don't know the song but I remember Deep Purple the group . Anyways a fantastic photo . I love the background , shading , highlights and especially the color of the petunia. It's a great photo .

 Comment Written 02-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 02-Oct-2017
    Thank you John Bien. are younger than me...Deep Purple was a good group! :D
reply by TBI John on 02-Oct-2017
    Not sure if i'm younger than you... Help me here , what name do you go by?
reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    I cannot tell you since this is a blind entry contest... but I will at another time. :D
reply by TBI John on 03-Oct-2017
    N.R. , ok i'm a tad younger, but your better looking !
reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    ROFL!!!!! :) :) :)
reply by TBI John on 03-Oct-2017
    Say again
reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    It is an acronym for "Rolling on floor laughing!" :D I always have to google these acronyms when I receive one from my grandkids. This is their way of communicating these days...such as LOL and BFF.. :D
reply by TBI John on 03-Oct-2017
    Love it, can you help me
Comment from cleo85

I do not know the music, but this close up surely is a perfect illustration of the lyrics. In spite of well defined details, the capture has a very intriguing softness. The shades of blue and purple look beautiful on the green shades of the background. I think the tight framing is perfect. I appreciate the informative comments. They enable me to look up the music.

 Comment Written 02-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 02-Oct-2017
    Dear Cleo...Thank you. You have made my evening...completely. I do hope you look on youtube for the piano composition of Deep Purple. It is as dramatic as this photo. I wish my hands could still play it as I did so many years ago. Thank you my friend.
reply by cleo85 on 03-Oct-2017
    My Pleasure. :o)
    I will look in a music store, because I want the music in print, so I can read the musical notes. :o)
reply by the author on 04-Oct-2017
    I am not sure you will find it in a it is quite old. They would have to order it for you. You could view in online and possibly print it . I will search as well. :D
reply by cleo85 on 04-Oct-2017
    Thank You, I looked them up online already. I will go to the library, our I might find it at the used book stores. I need usually many photos if I have to paint after them. I like much more to paint after nature outdoors.
reply by cleo85 on 04-Oct-2017
    I will look for the music on line, but still will look into the public library for the music and for photos of the plant.
Comment from Solway Lady

Wonderful color good luck in the competition. The tight crop works really well, and I like the soft lighting with the detail on the flower only grates a good feel to it.

 Comment Written 02-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 02-Oct-2017
    Thank you Solway!!! :D