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Sunset over the Otter Tail

A sunset over the Otter Tail river

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Comment from ArtistCarl

I love it! The idea of merging one half of the photo with the mirror image of that photo to make a perfectly balanced whole is genius. It is nature tamed. Forget his name, but an Englishman was given the task to "civilize" the countryside by the then king of England. Took some years, but the main element of changing the landscape was to place trees on the hill tops and make rolling pastures beneath. Add a little of the French influence of the country palace of the king who lost is head and you have nature totally "civilized". This picture includes controlling the sky. Very nice and powerful picture. Thanks for posting. Reasons for my five vote.

 Comment Written 19-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 20-Oct-2017
    Thanks a ton for such a great review. Glad you liked it.
Comment from Malmax

I happen to like this mirror image, It is beautifully done.
It is an incredible sunset
and if I were only looking at it from the top, with the bottom third cropped out in my mind, I wouldn't be able to say it was a mirror image at a quick first glance. I would title it Heavens light or Heavenly rays or something toward that effect. It is truly beautiful. A sky sent from Heaven. Wonderful photo for a mirrored image making it appear as one incredible shot. Best of luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    Thanks much I appreciate your review and comments. Glad you liked it.
reply by Malmax on 03-Oct-2017
    you're welcome
Comment from Neilnap773

beautifully presented mirror image of this lovely setting . The cloudy sky has a wonderful clarity and sharpness in its focusing and really attracts the eye of the viewer,The only issue i have is that i would have liked the land formation to be slightly lighter to coincide with the gorgeous light sky..but thats just an opinion

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2017

reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    Thanks much for your review. I will take a look at the image again based on your comments, I appreciate them.