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Brutus & Blackberry Wine

Brutus crashes a camping party...

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Comment from Minnie Kaye

This is so ice. Congratulations on your win. My mom loves blackberry wine.
Your tipsy Brutus is adorable with his ruffled fur, and remnant bottle of his escapades.
Love this, Congratulations on another win. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2018

Comment from EvaB

Stunning and deserves the win! Your use of light is absolutely amazing. Colors are warm and beautiful. I would love to know more about your artistic process.

 Comment Written 09-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 12-Dec-2017
    Thank you, Eva, and I thank you sincerely for the beautiful stars :))
Comment from Contests

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 Comment Written 08-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 12-Dec-2017
    Thank you, Tom & committee! :))
Comment from cleo85

This is outstanding!
It is not an funny experience for the campers, but I laughed out laud looking at this. Apparently his raid was very successful, but he seems to have enjoyed too much of the wine. He will probably pay with a big bear-headache. His gloomy eyes already talk about.
The colors are outstanding. It is a beautiful sunset in the background and the birds enjoying the their morning flight. The reflections on the water are great but it is extraordinary how the light reflects on Brutus

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2017

Comment from paulah

Fantastic detail in his coat, sea, sky and birds. Detail is frankly awesome. Colors are also amazing as are the shapes you've achieved with the clouds. My only issue is with the story: I just don't see the humor or the storytelling reasons or value for choosing the alcohol. Best wishes and thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2017

Comment from gargoylesocks

I like how it's sunset, after Mr Bear had his fun it's time to relax (or recover lol). This is a great whimsical piece! He found a nice log to lounge on complete with bottle holder ;) Very nice work!

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2017

Comment from Agreenr

This is a very creative and great story telling image. The title is great. The look on the bears face is a great dead pain look. The bottle is placed just right. The birds in the sky make it seem like the bear is dreaming. The colors are great. Very well done.

 Comment Written 11-Nov-2017

Comment from Jairos

Very well deserved All Time Best, good initial impact, great digital creation, good clarity, the colors are beautiful very well done on this one, thank you for sharing , Jairos

 Comment Written 11-Nov-2017

Comment from Lisa M.

Cyber 6! Definitely Captured my Attention :) Your Storytelling was Wonderful! The Colors are Perfect! The Scene is Excellent! The Title is Hilarious! His Eyes are a Perfect Blackberry Wine Color lol Very Creative and Funny! I Enjoyed this Work of Yours! You Pulled it Together Very Well with Excellent Attention to Detail all the way to the Beautiful Bird Silhouettes Against a Strikingly Gorgeous Sky! Impressive Job :) Thank you for Sharing

 Comment Written 10-Nov-2017

Comment from Solway Lady

What a stunning picture, the geese in the sky on a third give the sky that little extra interest,I love the warm colors it has great atmosphere telling a great story also with wonderful lighting, one to be proud of.

 Comment Written 10-Nov-2017