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Glorious Morn

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Comment from Stringbean

Wow! Your artists notes so wonderfully written and set the stage for your powerful and moving art piece Glorious Morn. One of the most beautiful Christmas songs written and one that evokes such emotions when it is heard. Your portrayal and influences have lead you to create a extraordinaire digital art piece. Your art work for me has brought out so much emotion feelings you can hear the song in all it's power. So much beauty in the dark blue night sky. Your play with light and shadows creating depth and interest in your art work. You have created a Glorious Morn in this work. One of your best art works. Outstanding work and thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 21-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 21-Jan-2018
    Thank You so, so very much Mary Lynn for your time and expression of your beautiful thoughts. So glad to hear the piece moved you in this way. Painting is more faith oriented and judging this time was looking from a commercial perspective hence didn't do well enough to show. Your review cannot put into words, a great help for me Mary Lynn. Thanks so much again.
reply by Stringbean on 22-Jan-2018
    You are so very welcome bunkie!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from avmurray

I am afraid I was too busy before Christmas to be reviewing anything at all, but even if I am a bit late, I had to review this one. I think it must be one of your best because the church looks so realistic. I also like very much the angels you have added to the sky, and the snow on the ground is full of lovely textures.

I also like all the lovely blue hues and the Christmas lights you have added. A very good use of high lights have brought life into this lovely scene, and the yellow light in the sky offers such a nice contrast.

Besides this image also has a very strong composition with the church off to the left so nicely balanced by the angels in the sky. This is truly beautiful work Dave, and I am so sorry I have run out of 6 stars.

 Comment Written 16-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 16-Jan-2018
    Thank You so much avmurry for your great review. It's a busy time of the year, hardly have time for anything. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and thanks for looking me up, really appreciate.
reply by avmurray on 17-Jan-2018
    You are more than welcome Dave, and a Happy New Year to you as well.
Comment from nature rules

First off...thank you for your scholarly artists notes. I enjoyed and studied every name and date. O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas Hymn as well. And as you say...the irony is in the fact that beautiful words and spiritual painting has been created by ones claiming not to be strong believers or a believer at all. You have created a class discussion here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting us consider ours.

Your art is a complete experience...from one corner of your frame to the next. My imagination was in overdrive. And the majority of it was some part of the Christmas story. And yet...the sky has a feeling of evolution to me. It makes our Christmas story seem with very small...or very all encompassing. And your angels make me think of another ''Hark the Herald, Angels Sing".... another one of my favorite hymns.

Your talents and knowledge of creating such a work of art is a marvel to me. I would LOVE to watch you work. Thank you, Bunkie... and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

 Comment Written 19-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 19-Dec-2017
    Thank You so much for your time in study and I'm so deeply appreciative in your words of comprehension, Gives us strength as you say through fellowship in our hymns and hymns that differ. Thank You for saying that and so much more; and giving painting your all YOU in rich.
reply by nature rules on 19-Dec-2017
    You are most welcome. What a pleasure!
Comment from jesuel

That's really neat the color composition is great love the depth that you have achieved here the lighting effect that you have created is amazing fine work here

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You so very much jesuel.
Comment from Athenasmind90

Beauty , I can hear the angles singing the star is bright telling a message for all to see! Silent Night Holy Night , Yes its christmas

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You so, so much Athenasmind90; For the honor of your gold star and so happy you enjoyed the painting that you would give it your highest award. Appreciate your encouragement and glad you could hear the angels sing.
Comment from El-mundo

An interesting and informative narrative and theory about the musical number and the subsequent piece you have created here - The image is sharp and well defined, and displays a great wintery scene that captures the essence of winter and the cold very well. The buildings are finely detailed and the colours throughout are superb, as are the lighting effects - the shapes and textures create that great 3D feel and sense of depth you are a master of creating. Great work, well done :)

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You El-mundo; For your wonderful review and Thank You for the wonderful year and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
reply by El-mundo on 17-Dec-2017
    You're welcome! And likewise my friend, enjoy the festivities! :)
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Wow! This is a visually soothing & appealing creation!

Great story telling factor.
Fantabulous rendition of lighting effect.
Subtle illumination.
Fluid strokes.
Exquisite compositional elements.
Impeccable rendition.

A blessed Yuletide, Sir Dave!

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You so much Sir Dickson for your great review and your highest award, a honor. Thank You for making 2017 a wonderful year and all the best for you.
Comment from PeglegDeb

Oh this is for sure glorious Bunkie and a perfect entrant for this contest. Vincent VG may be my favorite artist (I LOVE his 'Starry Night') so really appreciated the notes you included w/ your piece.

Beautiful beautiful colors in this piece. Those soft blues give it such a peaceful and serene feeling and I love the way you've made the snow positively sparkle b/c that is what I often see when I look outside on a very clear, cold star-filled night....rather like the night-time sky in your piece here.

You've done up all the little details wonderfully....from the lights and greenery adorning the buildings to the angels in the sky. It IS a glorious piece and I wish I had a gold star left to give it....but I WILL be looking for it when the contest comes up. Merry Merry Christmas to you dear Bunkie!


 Comment Written 16-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You so , so much Deb; For your fantastic and everlasting review. So honored to receive your beautiful words of encouragement and will be looking for you too. Thanks again for the wonderful year and Merry Christmas.
reply by PeglegDeb on 17-Dec-2017
    LOVE this one Bunkie. Deserved my are so very welcome
reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You my dear heart
Comment from Jo Calderbank

good contest entry, I like the light and texture conveyed here, beautiful scene with glistening snow, angels above, lovely light,
well thought out and executed, thanks for the informative notes. seasons
greetings to you.

 Comment Written 16-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2017
    Thank You Jo Calderbank; For your great review and words of encouragement. Merry christmas to you Jo.
Comment from rasmine

Good painting. I like your's better than Van Gogh's. You have depth, where he didn't, and I love the angels. :P Good touch to add some mysticism into your painting.
Good luck in the contest.
PS: Holy is spelled with one 'l'. Also, the '"' key comes out as a question mark.

 Comment Written 16-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 16-Dec-2017
    Thank You so much rasmin for the edits. I don't think can re edit the notes. It will disqualify my painting from the contest ?
reply by rasmine on 16-Dec-2017
    I don't think so. I think you can edit until the end of the voting, but you can ask Tom.
    Good luck.