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Little Red

Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf

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A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 12-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2018
    My phone has been acting up and hubby spilled coffee while sneezing on my iPad. Ugggg. Just saw this and want to Thank the committee. I am so humbled and estatic. I had no idea a 7 star recognition even exists. I really want to say Thank You for all of your hard work. Not just in judging contests but the endless hours clarifying questions and easing complaints. With FAR, the committee and the FAR family of reviewers and friends I have learned so very much. Improve myself and my craft. Discovered many things never taught in classes or books. I could go on, and on but if I could hug you all I would. Bless you all and THANK YOU. Always Grateful, Cindy Sue ~
Comment from karen zima

Very lovely digital artwork of little red riding hood and the wolf. The long vertical format work well for this artwork. The soft pink tones of the background highlight the subjects. The expression on the girl's face is full of emotion. Great initial impact and good contest entry. Good luck in the voting.

 Comment Written 10-Jan-2018

Comment from Jo Calderbank

Wow what a visually eye grabbing piece, I like the placement of the wolf in the fore ground with that knowing stare,
The eye is then drawn to the pensive looking girl
, good story telling,
The different shades of red really make this pop.with good use of light and shade.
A contest winner I think here. Good luck.

 Comment Written 09-Jan-2018

Comment from Malmax

Wow this is so eye catching and so Red! I love it, what a perfect entry for the contest and so artistically dramatic.
The shading is spectacular and
The overall work is truly amazing. This is very appealing and your talent to create it is remarkable.
Best of luck in the competition.

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from iPhone7

Wow. Talk about in your face Red. This one jumps right out of the screen. Those colors are so dynamic. I love the drama created in this work. This is a great entry for the contest Cindy Sue and I wish you well ~ Steve

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from Lilibug6

This is awesome! I love the way you did both Red Riding hood and the Wolf! The color looks so cool on both of them! The background is very nice as well! Great job and what an amazing life story you have! Great job! Lori

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

A brilliantly done digital art in red. Little Red Riding Hood appears to fit the contest very well.Vibrant color contrast & saturation. Great lighting & framing. Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from Life is but a dream.

A False how that resonates with me for some reason after meeting an old woman with a uncivil tongue and she is a grandmother!

You art speaks directly to me and isn't that the purpose of art. The wolf looks like Lucifer

In angry red and the gradient behind little red riding hood is genius for we get taken in . I did not know you do Digital Art and am so happy to stumble upon this piece.

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from Raoul D'Harmental

Hi LittleBogie 007

It's very odd that this is the first time Ive come across you though I've been on here a while. To be honest, I rarely browse the digital art posts but I am glad this exquisite creation caught my eye! :) Beautiful - just beautiful and a sure winner I think. May I request your permission to recreate this with coloured pencils and graphite? I will convert the bad wolf to a good fox though because I prefer them :) R

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018

Comment from GaliaG

A very impressive and interesting digital paint

excellent entry for the contest, good luck with it

good creativity, imagination and initial impact

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2018