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Dog Potraiture

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Portraits of dogs in oil medium on Linen Canvas

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Comment from Envision

You have captured Bruce's expression and features perfectly! It is amazing. I'm not that familiar with Herbert but I am sure the same can be said. He does look younger. Awesome work on the texture and colors of their fur too. Pet portraits is a great choice for you, just curious, would you do portraits for people across the pond? I could add your link to my pet sitting website.

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2018
    absolutely ,i have customers overseas please check my website for details and thank you so much for your support and encouragement and i would really appreciate you adding me to your pet sitting website
    regards Neil
Comment from TBI John

It's an excellent oil painting of your two little buddies .
You have done a great job capturing their expressions. I love their eyes .
Beautiful colors with their hair and curls .
A cyber six to you .
Thank you for sharing .

 Comment Written 02-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 02-Feb-2018
    thank you so much
reply by TBI John on 02-Feb-2018
    Your welcome . It's a very cool piece .
Comment from jesuel

That's cool never thought of using a linen canvas with pan pastels the color composition is great I really like how you rendered the fur their eyes are perfect fine piece of art here

 Comment Written 02-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 02-Feb-2018
    Thank you my friend
Comment from PeglegDeb

awww....your Bruce and Herbert are just the sweetest Neil and having seen them in photos I can really appreciate seeing them done up in oils. Enjoyed btw, reading your notes and methods re: how you put this piece together.

I can almost feel the softness of their coats you have presented the fur that well. I love the expressions and the intent look on their faces. Their eyes are done perfectly....and beautifully I might add....the little sparkle is spot on. Good color too Neil and the background color you've chosen just lets all the attention be on your much loved little pair.

I don't see a single thing I would change. I think your boys are just darling and it's obvious how much you love these guys. This should be a wonderful piece to show your capability at painting people's pets. What a treasure for people to be able to hang on their walls. So for Bruce, Herbert and YOU a gold star....easily Neil. It is just the most lovely piece.


 Comment Written 01-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 02-Feb-2018
    wo, you have taken so much time to look at my painting in great detail and that is so appreciated and your love of art is acknowledged big time and i thank you for this and the wonderful review you have given to what is probably one of the most important and endearing paintings i have done to date. I enjoyed painting the boys so much and as i had painted their eyes first thing it felt as though they were watching me paint them throughout the whole process which was fun. It took me about 7 hours in total and i can't wait to have them both looking at the painting and perhaps barking at themselves when it is hung up on the wall...will have to see ...than you again Debs
reply by PeglegDeb on 02-Feb-2018
    Art and dogs Neil! ....and how cool that you did the eyes first (definitely THE most important part of the face) Would love to hear how Bruce and Herbert react when you hang this. You are so very welcome for both review and's a gorgeous piece and I would love to think about having you paint my Comanche sometime.
reply by the author on 02-Feb-2018
    I would be honoured to have that
    opportunity to paint
    Comanche , just let me know
    , and thank you for your
    Kind words
Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A fantastic double portrait in profile of your beloved Bedlington Terriers Bruce & Herbert set against a copper coloured background that makes the perfect contrast to their fluffy grey wooly coats. Beautiful composition created with love & very skilful brushwork & your gift & ability to convey what you see onto your canvas. Beautiful choice, blending & application of your colours in bringing this energetic pair to life...I just need to turn up the sound to hear them bark!

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 02-Feb-2018
    thank you so much for your wonderful review , your comments are so appreciated
Comment from iPhone7

Nice work on this one Neil. The details are very good and I really like the attentive look they have. The background color really brings out these two wonderful dogs. Well done my friend ~ Steve

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2018
    thank you
Comment from Pamela Ruggiero

What is the red on the foreground dog's ear? Good job capturing emotion. Nice composition and framing. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with this image

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2018
    its his ear hole, thank you
Comment from Beautyobserver

You did such a wonderful job on this. The fur looks really good. I love their expressions. The background color is good as well. Nice job on bringing in 2 photos to make one to paint from.

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2018
    thank you so much for your positive words
reply by Beautyobserver on 01-Feb-2018
    You are welcome.
Comment from alaskapat

What adorable subjects, this is very well created, great detail throughout, nice colors and tones, I like the way they are posed and it's a great choice of background too. This was a pleasure to view!

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2018
    thank you
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

This is a cute composition of cute pets!. You have framed it well. The light and shadows, colours and the composition have worked out well. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2018

reply by the author on 01-Feb-2018
    thank you