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The Dark Angel II/XI/XVIII

Once Again!

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Comment from PeglegDeb

Well dear Sean I am FINALLY feeling up to do a few reviews and came to visit your page right away.....and really like what I see.

I love that it's in the portrait contest! Good for you. OK. First....the oval-shaped frame is really's different...unusual and I much prefer it to what a round or square frame would have looked like. Then, as always I adore the jewelry you give your women. What a great necklace in particular. Your Great Demoness has an exquisite face w/ your trademark beautifully drawn hair. I LOVE the shirt....the shape of it and the sheer quality. Finally, I really like how you've presented her in one of her 'calmer' stages.

I think it's a wonderful piece Sean. Drawn so well.....lovely pose, outstanding shading and shadowing ....even around the frame. Oh and btw- very cool the way one finger reaches out through the frame. Just a marvelous presentation and I really hope it does well in the contest. So for you and your girl here my first gold star of the week. Nicely done my friend.


 Comment Written 16-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    Hi Deb! Thank You So Very Very Much,my friend! : D
    I'm SO HAPPY that you liked this one! The drawing has a couple of *ahem* problems which have been pointed out to me ( the girl isn't 'celebrity beautiful' and she has a 'lump' on the underside of her left arm ) but I feel she's about the best looking person ( or Demoness! ) that I've drawn so far and the great Sis Star rating that you've awarded my drawing of her really brightens my day!
    Thank you again,Deb! : )
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    OMG Sean.....not 'celebrity beautiful' sigh....who wants that anyway? I love her exoic look. I didn't read the other reviews b/c, as you know they sometimes piss me off too. and a lump under her arm?? LOL you know what? I am going to go back and read reviews now...just for a laugh. You are very welcome for review and gold star and I completely agree- she is one of your best drawn women- exactly why she (well, you) got a gold star from me.
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    sigh.....w/ the one about the lump. GOOD LORD....and the four star rating. sheesh Sean. New member. I have often told them- "You MUST review my piece for what I've presented NOT what you WISH was there" That review would have annoyed the hell out of me....well, lol I guess it actually HA annoyed the hell out of me. And you tried so hard to get her to answer you....sigh (again) Well I do really hope this piece does well in this contest Sean. I'll be interested to see how it ends up. Good luck! Oh and perhaps you should send her to the doctor...ya know- have that silly lump checked
reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    Yeah,Deb! That remark annoyed the hell out of me! ( And these are the type of people who give the ugly looking crap that 'Pamela' posts Five and Six star ratings all the time! YEESH! : ( )
    I'm thinking that I'm gonna back off on the 'demonic' stuff in some of my drawings soon! I've always been fascinated with it & it provides lots of interesting ideas for 'out of the ordinary' drawings and unusual titles and stuff but I KNOW that it upsets people here on FAR ( whether they admit it or not! ) and it inspires cranky,insulting comments from 'nice' reviewers! ( So much for artistic freedom! *sigh* I wonder how these 'nice' reviewers would react to the paintings of Hieronomus Bosch or the ink drawings of Breughal the Elder? )
reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    Make sure you read the one written by the clown who gave the drawing Four and a Half stars because she wanted to see more of the Demoness's body! LOL! I just CAN'T WIN with this 'Nudity/Non Nudity' stuff! : D
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    LOL...OMG Sean- they find you and draw and quarter you for sure.
reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    : D And it all goes back to the demonic references ( especially when they're mixed with nudity! )
    I've got a new 'Experimental' drawing ( one of the ones with the big black digital frames that I like! ) featuring a 'demon-ified' drawing of an artist that I used to collaborate with at that's titled 'Legion,because she is many' but you can be sure hat I'll change that title before I post it here at FAR! : D
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    I did and THAT'S the one where I would tell them 'you have to review what's HERE not what you WISH was here'
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    Can't wait to see what new title you come up w/ for that one. Love that there's a site called 'Deviant Art' btw
reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    I used to really enjoy that site! ( It's just too damn BIG though! )
    Hey,maybe I'll rename that drawing 'A cute Little Satanist'! Could you imagine how that would go over here? I bet that I could promote it for 5 member dollars and still get NO reviews! : D
reply by PeglegDeb on 16-Feb-2018
    LAUGHED OUT LOUD at that title Sean and had to write it out b/c I laughed so hard. I would LOVE to see you name a piece that....or "A Lovely Little Satanist" perhaps. lol....cute...lovely and satanist together. Too wonderful! You really should keep that one in mind.
reply by the author on 16-Feb-2018
    I'm going to keep that title in mind FOR SURE,Deb!
    : D
    I remember that once ( back in my 'first tour' here at FAR ) several of the 'creepy christian' types were after me because I posted a drawing of a Witch wearing a Pentagram! THAT'S SATANIC! THAT'S EVIL!,they were all screaming at me! Good Goddess! : )
Comment from Vivian Shi

Interesting drawing! Love the use of the oval frame with the subject coming out (the hand is beautifully rendered). It would be interesting to see what darkening the hair a little more would do to the composition, perhaps adding more depth. Otherwise a great composition!

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 15-Feb-2018
    Thanks so very much,Vivian! : )
Comment from momentsofjoy7351

She captures me perfectly... I really enjoy the look on her face, nice and relaxed - deep in her thoughts. Great angle movement over that young body as well which offers up perfection. Calm moment this morning! Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 15-Feb-2018
    Hi Debi! Thanks so very much,my friend! : )
Comment from El-mundo

A fantastic portrait Sean my friend with real attention to detail and a keen eye for the smaller more intricate details too. The figure and form of the model is spot on, as are her facial features, and you have managed as always to capture real expression in the face that reflects the emotion and feel of the piece. Brilliantly shaded to create depth and lifelike curves and grooves, and showing her jewellery neatly and although small, with much clarity - her hair flows long and wavy as she looks down, eyes closed with a slight look of disappointment in her face - and the light effect cast upon her hair is excellent too. A Fabulous piece and framed nicely with a simple, slightly work oval frame into which she leans - great work my friend, "A good show!" ;)

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 15-Feb-2018
    Once again,Ed,Thank You So Very Very Much,my friend! : D
Comment from TreeofAvalon

The drawing gives all the feeling of a living being. Though stylistic, it seems as though she may stumble out of the hole that she is using for support. If she was human it would seem she had a quite a hangover and was taking a moment to gather herself. To disturb her now in this moment would bring out a greater wrath than normal. Wow! Cool!

 Comment Written 15-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 15-Feb-2018
    Hi TreeofAvalon! Thank you so very much for your thoughtful comments on my drawing of this 'Dark Angel',my friend! : )
    I'm glad that you like my depiction of her and I really appreciate your encouraging review!
Comment from Paul G.

Man. Why can't I ever get any of these gorgeous demonesses to chase

As always, this is amazing. You have such a talent. I always appreciate your work. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 14-Feb-2018
    Lol! : ) Thank you so very much,Paul!
Comment from AHRowell

Presentation and visual impact are dramatic and creative. Love the oval, gives it a 3D effect. Highlighting and shading are nice. Very interesting and creative!

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 13-Feb-2018
    Hi Amy! Thank you so very much,my friend! : )
Comment from stringbean

A beautiful pencil drawing of the Great Demoness. Your sketching in pencil beautifully done and your shading and blending of pencil bring this portrait to life. Beautiful facial features and incredible details. Outstanding work and thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 13-Feb-2018
    Hi Mary Lynn! Thank you so very much,my friend! : )
reply by stringbean on 13-Feb-2018
    You are more than welcome Sean!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from Malmax

This is a great drawing of this demoness Sean. I love the shading in her hair as it cascades over one eye. I like
her holding the oval border.
Her see through tank top is drawn perfectly in this sexy and alluring drawing. Well done and Best of luck in the competition.

 Comment Written 13-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 13-Feb-2018
    Hi Marsha! Thank you so very much,my friend! : )
reply by Malmax on 13-Feb-2018
    You're welcome! Good Show!!!!!
Comment from Monica Morrell

Very well done! I love how her hand is slightly removed from the oval frame. Great proportion. Nice detail throughout. Nice composition. Creative and thought out. Well designed and executed.

 Comment Written 12-Feb-2018

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2018
    Hi Monica! Thank you so very much for your encouraging & wonderfully positive comments on this second,'milder' version of my Dark Angel drawing,my friend! I really appreciate them! : )