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The Deeps

Mermaid Underwater

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Comment from Contests

A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 25-Feb-2018

Comment from iPhone7

Wow. What a Great entry for the contest. This has so much going for it in so many ways. Her look, the colors and the details all work together. A great entry for the contest. Best of the best Mikel ~ Steve

 Comment Written 21-Feb-2018

Comment from ArtistCharles

The siren's call of a beautiful mermaid is captured in this semi-erotic image. I like the overall feel of the shot. The white line across her arm just above the elbow is ditracting. Nice inclusion of just some of her scales and the tale. I think the hair is well done, but it could have been even more floating to bring out the underwater feel a bit more. Nicely seen and executed.

 Comment Written 21-Feb-2018

Comment from Malmax

This art is outstanding and a beautifully detailed and well presented mermaid. I love the colors in this work and the superb shading of her skin and flowing hair. Very artistic and beautiful creative talent showcasing this awesome mermaid with wonderful facial features and expression.
I great contender for the contest and I wish you best of luck.

 Comment Written 21-Feb-2018