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Up in Smoke

Plastination of a human smoking

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Comment from fotogran

Very impressive, but is it taxidermy? This exhibit was in my area a while back but for some reason was not able to see it. I take this personally as I look from my oxygen concentrator. Will we ever learn? Very nice capture.

 Comment Written 06-Mar-2018

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Aptly captured for the contest theme...
An interesting initial impact.
Excellent choice of subject.
Vivid image.
Strong visual.
Dramatically enhanced by warm spotlight.
Compact framing.
Sharply focused.
Impressive entry. Potential voters choice...
Best of luck in the contest!
Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 04-Mar-2018

Comment from Susan F. M. T.

An interesting exhibit of a human body after it hs been through plastination here showing us the harmful effects of smoking especially on the lung that should in a healthy human be pink in colour here it's dirty brown. The Exhibition was in Dublin last year..but I did not visit! Interesting composition, framing & lighting taken with superb camera techniques & sharp focus.

 Comment Written 04-Mar-2018