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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

I see you have been busy since you were last on my page. Love this one, so real, how you do this with sharpies is beyond me. I have some now and use them to tighten up acylic paintings, which I cannot control as totally as water colours. Stunning pic and clever use of reflection in his sunglasses, excellent..

 Comment Written 13-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 13-Jun-2018
    The thing with sharpies is the opposite of painting. You start your lighter colors 1st and then work on the darker colors 2nd. Wink. Thanks for the great review
Comment from suzannethompson2

Excellent cartoon, Mark and a great entry for the contest. You've captured his expression so well. Wonderful detail as always and great use of colours. So good to see you back - I've missed your very funny cartoons and great artwork. Suzanne

 Comment Written 12-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 12-Jun-2018
    Been hectic and I miss cranking em out but I'm trying to get back to them soon..I'll sound corny by say..stay tuned! Wink... thanks for the great review
Comment from PeglegDeb

Well hello there MK! What fun to see the Sharpie Master posting a new piece. Been awhile and I've missed your unique take on the world for sure. in this definitely still smiling as I write this A ton of wonderful detail as always in your pieces w/ that something 'extra' (that bikini clad butt) that has MK has been here written all over Great piece...hope this means you'll be posting regularly again.


 Comment Written 11-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    I'm hoping Deb..been working lotta hours and im due to get those tributes like the old TV shows used to say...Stay Tuned..wink. thanks for the great review
reply by PeglegDeb on 11-Jun-2018
    Very welcome MK. Read Becky's and your notes....saw they've been keeping you busy at work. Have to say my heart skipped a beat too when I read what you wrote about the gold pen leaking.....OMG. Anyway, hope you find time. Always enjoy seeing a new piece from you.
Comment from nature rules

Ok...this one really did make me laugh out loud. He is truly that typical, gawking old man who everyone else pretty much needs to ignore. Ha!

I love the details you have created in the facial expression. You simply have an amazing sense of pointillism....with a sharpie no less. No mistakes allowed! What do you do when you make a mistake? Change the color?.

I have missed you Mark. I hope all is well with you. I miss Olga terribly. I'm slacking a bit myself here. I suppose ignorance was bliss...well, sorta.

Take care ... ! Thanks for the laugh!

 Comment Written 10-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Well as far as mistakes I toss the drawing and start over. Like you said it's a tough medium that cannot be corrected. One time I got almost finished with a drawing and just before I applied some gold the marker had a leak I wasn't aware of till it globbed a gold spot on the face. Oh well time to start over again. The advantage I have is the decades of experience of what works and doesn't. When I'm sketching the drawing in my mind I'm already mapping out my highlights and shading. I never left the site. Walmart has been working me more hours and in my position I do a lot of manual labor where a lot of other fellow employees can't or don't want. End of day I'm so dog tired I'm so tuckered. Get home cook a meal, wash the dishes. Once I finally hit the recliner I'm done and sometimes pass out in the chair. My home is finally now paid for and just paid off my truck so maybe I can get back to my passion... drawing. I try to stay out if the politics here on FAR. I learned it's Tom site and he lays the rules. He is not bashful about if you don't like it you can leave frame of mind. I always wondered who does the diamond seal committee. After some tries over the years they made it clear that I don't deserve it and won't see it. No biggie over the years I pushed hard in the artworld to get my medium accepted. It's still a battle but I'm hard headed I'll keep going. In nutshell in all the sites I'm a member there is no other site out there that is same as or better than here FAR. So I'll take the bad with the good and try to keep plugging in. Olga also email and let me know how frustrated you are. I know I kinda sound corny when I say "don't ever stop believing" but truly believe it. The trials and tribulation makes us artist discourage sometimes wanna give up. 50 years fighting for medium and not ready to give it up. You will some more from me soon..just had to deal the everyday life things. Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for the awesome review..."don't ever stop believing" wink wink
reply by nature rules on 11-Jun-2018
    Hi is good to hear good things from you! Sometimes it is good to be a busy, hardworking person..especially in our later years. Keeps us on our toes a bit more than just sitting! And you have been successful in working your way to a comfort zone it sounds....Might need a new recliner someday though! :) The leaking sharpie...made my heart rate go up! No kidding...! As for the Diamond award... I tired once...could tell by the comments and verbiage who was on the committee. No sense trying again for me. Being literally black balled should not be allowed anywhere...let alone on a managed site such as this.. But there are some outstanding people on this site...who are my friends. I think we are standing strong and pushing for integrity and fairness for every just being patient and sharing our ideas and talents when we can. Thanks for the boost are one of the best!! I hope you have a great week!
reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Nah the recliner is broken in just for me..years ago my wife at the time hated the broken in recliner and threw it away when I was at work....yeah I was pissed at the time but it all worked out..I got a new recliner and got rid of the is good now.. evil grin..lololol
reply by nature rules on 11-Jun-2018
    Bahahahahaha! You're a kick!
Comment from Linda Wetzel

This image reminds me of the stories my sister in law tells about my brother the first time he went to a nude beach in Spain! The expression of surprise is wonderful and I love the reflections in the sun glasses. Thanks for the humorous approach.

 Comment Written 10-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Years ago in my much younger years I had heard there was a nude beach near me here Florida. As a male I had to check it out. OMG I saw naked grandmas running naked with their drooping breast slapping against their knees.. I never went thanks for the great review
Comment from Athenasmind90

Great vibrant colors! Humorous subject would make a great Father's day card! Well done ! Very lifelike a pleasure to view thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Thanks for the great review
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Welcome back my friend! Long time. No see!:) It is lovely to view and enjoy your creative works of the 'tongue-in-cheek' variety. This is so expressive and so skillfully made. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 10-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Hoping work will slow down now so I can get back to drawing..wink..thanks bro for the awesome review
Comment from cleo85

I believe you. I can clearly see why that old guy lost his teeth. The reflecting sunglasses are a super idea. I like your colors and how the hat cut the horizon, but mostly I like the face expression and the look of his blue eyes.

 Comment Written 10-Jun-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jun-2018
    Thanks cleo for the great review
reply by cleo85 on 11-Jun-2018
    You're very welcome. :o)
Comment from Alveria

Lol, funny. Great facial expression and the reflections on the sunglasses tell the story. Colorful, humorous, with great visual impact. Well done. ~Alveria

 Comment Written 01-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 02-Apr-2018
    Thanks for the great review
Comment from DawnIrene

I couldn't help it but I had to use my 6!! You are such a creative and wonderful story telling artist that I am forced to laugh at your imagination ( in a respectful way)!!! I love the glasses and how to managed to put such a small figure in them. Fantastic art!!!

 Comment Written 01-Apr-2018

reply by the author on 02-Apr-2018
    I always do this with my lil ole sharpie and Bic pens..wink. thanks for the great review
reply by DawnIrene on 02-Apr-2018
    My pleasure....