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Lys De La Jolie

Lily of the Valley with Reflections

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Comment from cs144

So much of this shot is amazing, the beautiful lilies all lined up, the water droplets and most of all the reflection of the flowers in the background in the water droplets. I don't know how you accomplished this but it is truly a beautiful and amazing photograph.

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Wow, Thank you so much for your most generous Grand rating and wonderful review.
    It wasn't easy, the drops kept falling off and it took several attempts...three days worth to get it right!
    You're extra star made it all worth it! Thank you!
Comment from JMur1

Wow. This is like eye candy it's so stunning. The colors and composition just knock your eyes out. I love the way the diagonal line set against the color of the background just makes the flowers pop out. Well done. Thanks for sharing it

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Thank you so much for your beautiful review and lovely comments.
    Always appreciated.
reply by JMur1 on 12-May-2018
    Your welcome. It was a pleasure to look at
Comment from ArtistCharles

Beautiful salute to Spring. Very well conceived and constructed. Good color. The blur on the background really makes the flowers stand out. Sharp focus allows us to see the reflections in the drops. Th large negative space in the lower right is a little distracting. good Lob!

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Thank you so much Charles for your wonderful review and lovely comments.
Comment from suzannethompson2

I love what you've done with this shot of the lovely Lily of the Valley florets making the water droplets show the reflections of surrounding bright coloured flowers. They're my favourite flowers - we used to have loads of them in our garden when I was young but where I am now they don't do so well. Excellent lighting and focus. Lovely composition. Suzanne

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    We had them when I was little too, that's when I discovered them. Loved them ever since.
    Thank you so very much Suzanne for your wonderful review and lovely comments.
    Really appreciate it.
Comment from Melyuki

HI Marsha thank you for sharing your delightful Lilly of the Valley blooms made even more stunning by those glowing water droplets you have cleverly captured in your skillful photography. The little white flowers are delicate and quite adorable in appearance as they gather abundantly along the central stem of the bloom.. The angle used for your photo shows this little bunch of lilies nicely and particularly accentuates the view of those divine water droplets and their stunning reflections. I'm sure time and patience were of the essence to create this effect and you have achieved both well. When I look at the individual florets they make me smile. In my warped imagination I can see little creamy white hats with these rather unique and cute faces beneath each of them. the reflected colours shining through the water droplets make the faces come to life .. perhaps some new form of alien that has taken a liking to these blooms. and now back to reality.. the shiny reflections of pink and yellow hues bring the little florets into a completely different realm.. they seem to have developed their own individual personalities and as they hang onto the stems that support them, their presence is delightful. I love your experimentations Marsha.. it makes your work truly original and full of interest and intrigue. an excellent addition to an already beautiful photo. A lovely choice of floral bouquet in the background. the pink and yellow flowers offer a vibrant contrasting colour and allow the white lilly blooms to really pop. the darker tone used in the bottom right corner is a great inclusion and helps draw my vision to those awesome droplets more clearly. Excellent exposure and the lighting works nicely in your well balanced scene. The little lifelike lily florets emanate a feeling of joy and make me smile as I look into those cute imaginary faces created by the droplets. thank you for sharing Marsha.. it has been a great joy to review your lovely lily of the valley blooms. cheers mel

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Aww Mel, you are truly just the best reviewer ever! I so appreciate your time and thoughtful review with its
    In depth evaluation. I love reading your comments especially about the white hats and faces! What a joy that is!
    Thank you so much for your most wonderful review and continued support. It means a lot to me.
Comment from alaskapat

Cyber Six! OMG ! This is amazing! The flowers are so delicate and dainty and beautiful on their own, but you have taken this to a whole new level with the inclusion of the crystal clear droplets! Each droplet has a reflection of the flowers in your background! Very creative and well thought out! Perfect focus, clear to view, perfect exposure, natural colors and tones, nice white exposure! You always put that extra special quality in your floral photographs! This is fabulous and was an absolute pleasure to view! WOW

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Pat, thank you so very much for your beautiful review and cyber six!
    I worked on this for three days, retaking photos and retaking was fun but I hated it when I'd get it just right
    and a drop would fall off! LOL Redo! Finally success so I really appreciate your wonderful comments and compliments.
Comment from TBI John

Cyber Six !
I agree everything does sound better in French . I love the French ,
especially pizza .
Excellent job on the background .
It's brings your subject to the front and into the spotlight .
Your focus and clarity are so crisp . It's an amazing piece and thank you .

 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Thank you so much John for your wonderful review and cyber six!
    I really appreciate your lovely comments, and Glad I'm not the only one who thinks
    the French have such a sexy language!
reply by TBI John on 12-May-2018
    Buenos Dias , Marsha I grew up speaking Spanish . Unfortunately I've lost so much of it . It's also beautiful and sexy .
Comment from Sean T Phelan

If you say so,Marsha!
That certainly is an attractive picture though!
It's enjoyably colorful and a lot of fun to look at!
'Good Show',my friend! : )

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 Comment Written 12-May-2018

reply by the author on 12-May-2018
    Well I think so! LOL
    Thanks so much Sean for your fantastic review, and of course your great comments!
reply by Sean T Phelan on 12-May-2018
    : D You're very welcome,Marsha!