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CROCOSMIA in my gardens

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Comment from USWA6346

Great shot of an interesting flower! I see how it gets its name. There is something about the coloring, especially against your blurred background that makes your shot look 3D. Even without the glasses, the flower seems to come out of my screen. Awesome shot!

 Comment Written 13-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 13-Jul-2018
    Well hello here Bill. Wow is it nice to find YOU at the end of a review. Isn't this one of the coolest flowers?? Definitely one of my favorites in all my gardens so I really appreciate you checking it out AND thank you very much for the gold star you shared w/ it. Do appreciate THAT too lol

Comment from a.samathasena

The gorgeous eye catching flower shot.Beautiful nice nature scene.The Red flowers and yellow design,green background are make a very fine nature scene.Correct light and color balance are great.I like this talent work.Focus color are excellent.Thanks.

 Comment Written 11-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 11-Jul-2018
    Thank you a.sam. Do appreciate the lovely review you've given this guy.

Comment from bpellephoto

"Please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm a man of wealth and taste.
I've been around for long long years, stole many a mans sole sealed his fate.
Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name."

The Rolling Stones are one of my most favorite groups. When I read the title of this post - well, I couldn't resist.

Exceptional clarity of this unusual flower, I have never seen the like.

The camera technique is superlative - all of the unopened blossoms are seen in high definition and absolutely tack sharp.

The colors are so rich and vibrant.

I like the inclusion of the two spikes in the back ground. that gives the piece character and pushes the main subject to the forefront of the viewers eye.

Lots of eye candy on display makes for a lot of initial visual impact.

Ya done good kiddo ... B-)) Bob

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    LOL Now I am not at all surprised to hear you like the Stones dear OMP. They ARE and have been my favorite for years now. Have seen them twice in concert (last time in Montreal) and they put on the best show of any band I've love the way you started your review. Love the way you finished it too "Ya done good kiddo" LOL Kinda like everything in between too come to think of it. Power went out early today for Lord only knows what reason.....just popped on a little while ago so I decided to pop onto FAR before I shut down and THIS was a real treat to find my friend. Thank you for the big smile here and for putting the Stones in my mind tonight.

Comment from Minnie Kaye

These are really cool looking buds.
With that fuzzy green behind them, it makes them look like they are glowing or almost fluorescent.
Very interesting, kind of resembles a Caterpillar.
Great shot, thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    Thank you so much Minnie for having a look at my latest piece and I do really appreciate tthe very nice review you've given it.

reply by Minnie Kaye on 10-Jul-2018
    You are so welcome
Comment from Monica Morrell

This is an awesome image and a great interesting plant for sure.
I love the vibrant green back ground and the red and yellow buds show so well against the tropical green.
I think this is an amazing flower and I hope you post a photo with the buds open.
Its is clear and so very well detailed.
A pleasure to view and I truly appreciate the education behind the beauty.
Well done!

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    I promise to post it again once they blossom Monica. They are my favorite bright red color and even more amazing in bloom. That's a wonderful review you've given this guy and I do appreciate it. Thanks so much Monica.

reply by Monica Morrell on 11-Jul-2018
    Looking forward to full bloom :)
Comment from btowngirl

Stunning, almost 3D in its appearance. Some might say it's a little too much, but I like the vividness of the this composition - not meant to be realistic, but rather to amaze. And, as I recall, I appreciate your notes very much!

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    OMG Anne. It is forever since I've 'seen' you around! What a really nice surprise. How have you been?? Also surprisingly, you might be surprised how realistic this actually is. The colors are just as they are in my gardens. Definitely one of my very favorite flowers Anne and you are just a sweetheart for commenting on it and then giving it such an excellent rating. Thank you so much. Mostly though, let me know how you've been and what you've been up to.

reply by btowngirl on 10-Jul-2018
    Wow! That is some garden! Yes, it's been awhile. I hit a wall with my old computer - couldn't put Lightroom on it - and I got busy with other life stuff. Finally bit the bullet and replaced my CPU, so I'm working on learning the new editing software. Next up, buy another lens. It's good to be back. I've missed the site and all the support.
reply by the author on 11-Jul-2018
    well I'm glad you bit the bullet! Missed you and very VERY glad to think you'll be around again.
Comment from karen zima

Wow! That is gorgeous and right from your garden. I bet you have a ton of good ones coming up. I love the way the flower pops off the page with the bold red against the contrasting green. There is a nice depth to this one with the muted background. Nice artistic framing and composition.

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    I have a TON of them of my very favorites as a matter of fact. Do appreciate the really lovely review you've given this guy. Thank you so much.

Comment from Linda

Wow I don't know much about photography as I'm a painter but I know I really think this photo is so beautiful and artistic. Love the vibrancy of the colours. Great composition in its simplicity. Wow! Amazing!

 Comment Written 10-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    LOL well I'm not much of a painter Linda so we're even. But that's a fantastic review you've given my new image here and I do really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Simply beautiful! Skillful composition: well-defined center of interest perfectly framed to accentuate the theme of your piece The light, colour and the composition have worked well. Good effort!

 Comment Written 09-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    Thank you so much Seshadri for the really fine review you've given this guy. Always appreciate your thoughts on one of my flowers.

Comment from Sharon Meda

I think this is stunning.
The color of the flower is amazing.
You are luck to be able to grow such a beautiful flower.
Very nicely captured.

 Comment Written 09-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2018
    It is one of my very favorites Sharon. So pleased you've enjoyed it and I appreciate very much the lovely review you've given it. Thank you so much.