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Whispering Waters

12x24 oil painting

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Comment from liseworks

Always find these scenes like they never had hard times in those days lol,,but going near rivers and streams I never see an area where you can just set up camps like this. beautiful colours especially your water,,great details in everything, trees, mountains in the distance, very pretty

 Comment Written 19-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 19-Jul-2018
    Thank you, this makes review #15.
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Refreshing creation.
Fantabulous setting.
Impressive capture!

An impressive artwork rendition.
Colorful creation with excellent strokes & textures.

Good compositional style. Great overall impact!

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 18-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 19-Jul-2018
    Thank you.
Comment from Paul G.

I like it. And, there is no way I could tell if this is your first time doing humans. The scene is very calming. It really looks very nice. Love the action in the Stream and the Beautiful background. Excellent work thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 16-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 17-Jul-2018
    Thank you Paul, really appreciate the inspiring comment.
Comment from Athenasmind90

Very lovely! The mountains are so well done! The landscape is beautiful I would have never guessed that this was the first time painting people! Well done it was a pleasure to view thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 16-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 17-Jul-2018
    Thanks for the insprirational comment.
Comment from dalebraatz

Wow what a fantastic story telling image, love the details and depth, like the river going through this work, the horses and people an there homes are fantastic, a pleasure to look at, thank you for sharing, dale

 Comment Written 16-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 16-Jul-2018
    Thank you for you inspirational review!
reply by dalebraatz on 16-Jul-2018
    Your welcome
Comment from a.samathasena

Wish your contest.The Gorgeous eye catching great drawing art.Beautiful artistic scene.Great entrance.The White mountains and green trees,houses and their actions,blue water and animals details are make a nice scene.Color blending is great.I like this talent work.Creativity color are excellent.Thanks.

 Comment Written 15-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 16-Jul-2018
    Thanks for the great review!
Comment from iPhone7

What a peaceful scene you have created here Linda. I really ike the colors of the river and the idea that the horses are standing in it drinking. The Indian village is nicely done with the evergreen trees behind and the mountains in the background. A very good entry into the contest. Best of the best in the voting Linda ~ Steve

 Comment Written 15-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 16-Jul-2018
    Thank you, I hope I at least get some rating in the contest.
Comment from Nancy Montana

The painting is an excellent representation of native American life as it was in the 1800's. The art contains clean and straight lines for the mountains and the teepees. Some parts of the painting are not extremely detailed by design, but that does not detract from the art. It is well done. Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 14-Jul-2018
    Thank you for the review, I did have a little trouble with the indians and horses but they came through OK
reply by Nancy Montana on 14-Jul-2018
    You are very welcome. And yes the native Americans and horses came through just fine.
Comment from GaliaG

Excellent story telling and composition

excellent technique, creativity and initial impact

good use of color's and tones

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 13-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 13-Jul-2018
    Thank you.
Comment from jesuel

What a great piece of art the color composition is great I really love the mountain range in the background the tepees are great fine work here

 Comment Written 12-Jul-2018

reply by the author on 12-Jul-2018
    Thanks a million!