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Sorting Fruit

The author and friend sort fruit in 1979 Guatemala

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Comment from Brendaartwork18

This is beautiful. The course and the portraiture. An historical story very sad we live in a beautiful horrible world. I know this type of scene and yes I realise it is a cleaned up scenario but it still showscases the activity.. the working together . What a memory. Thank you for sharing this and your well written story.

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2018
    Thank you so much not only for the great rating, but your insightful and heartfelt response to the topic! When you say you are familiar with this kind of scene, do you mean you have worked on a farm? I would be interested.... Daphne Oberon
reply by Brendaartwork18 on 16-Sep-2018
    I haven?f worked on a farm of this kind but I spent sometime in Madiera where there main farming is bananas. Now that is quite modernly managed compared to the area of Tunesia?s side of the Sahara desert where small plantations exist in oasis spots. The work is dirty and I think hard and dangerous. The young guys schin up the plants and harvest the fruit carrying big majettes. They are very quick but not paid much and I think what work there was was heavily controlled. I have to say this was 1980s so perhaps things will be improved. At that time Tunisia wasprimitive in the districts outside ofthe tourisz areas compared to where I was used to living. The tourist areas were fantastic and very European. With every luxury and good service. The country was encouragibg thrir yiung folk to grt education abroad. Many of the waiters we got chatting to had first class degrees from UK univerdities but no comparable job opportunities. But that was then. I haven?t been back.
reply by the author on 16-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much for your update about your experience with banana farming!! My father was doing this experimentally at high altitude. I was in charge of gathering information from the Del Monte Company down in the hot lowlands in the Guatemala town of Bananera on how they handled their crops, then I was supposed to figure out how to cultivate them organically up in the clouds! To make a long story short, my father was getting quite mentally unstable I guess -- or he was afraid I was gaining too much influence I suppose(or both) because once I had done all the research on banana cultivation he said he was no longer interested in continuing the project. In the end, I learned a lot about alternative banana cultivation and organic control of nematodes that never got put to use! As you say, the laborers at the commercial companies worked very hard, were dying of cancer from pesticides at an early age, and so on. I f you like reading I am looking for readers of my writing (too long for Fan Story); unfortunately I have been overwhelmed trying to explain my insider's life with my parents than writing about the other more interesting things I did like banana farming. I embarked on this overwhelming writing project about my parent's operation in Guatemala at the request of some filmmakers, but the producer went off the deep end and made a horrible film -- that is another story! However, my Guatemala memoir explains about that. It is written a bit like the film Alias Grace. My email is if you would like me to send you some reading!! Alaskapat, Steve (iphone7) and Markke Flood were interested in reading some of my writing, but they are very busy and I don't know how much feedback I will get (understandably.) I have two screenplays and two nonfiction works that sound like fiction because my parents were so out of the mainstream and secretly heavily into the occult... My fiction screenplay and book are about horses and are sweeter stories about horses mainly. That is what Mark Flood is trying to find time to read. Alaskapat and Steve at iphone7 chose the heavy real life memoir, poor folks! I may never hear from them again! They seem happy with what they got though... Is sounds like you have had an interesting life yourself! Daphne Oberon
Comment from LynnAMarie

Nice artwork. The detail in this is excllent right down to the rat trying to get some fruit. It's framed really well by the flowers and banana's. Colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2018
    Thanks so much!
Comment from Neilnap773

a clever and effective presentation for this contest and good use of your digital software .The palette is good as is the structure with the two persons being framed ideally by the fruit

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2018
    Thanks so much!
Comment from Shadow catcher

Nice companion piece to your other work! Love the great colors and shadings,very eye pleasing to view.wish you the very best in the contest!

 Comment Written 14-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support! Daphne Oberon
Comment from Miranda Langston


 Comment Written 13-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 13-Sep-2018
    Thank you!
Comment from Bruceiorio

Good story telling about the fruit sorting especially with the rodents helping out. Another touch of reality. Nice artwork and composition. Good coloring. Love the flowers growing through the walls/fence.

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 11-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much for noticing the details!!
reply by Bruceiorio on 12-Sep-2018
reply by the author on 12-Sep-2018
    I don't see who this is, but thank you for your insightful review commenting on the rodents helping out! Daphne Oberon
reply by Bruceiorio on 13-Sep-2018
Comment from michiganmike

A touching story and a very fine memorial to the boy and the distant times. It captures the innocence of the time in beautiful colors. It seems that the rats are both bolder and more accepted there than they are here.

 Comment Written 08-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 08-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much! Yes, as I mentioned, I dressed this up a bit for the boy's mother, but the rats and mice were very "friendly"! I almost think they hung out around humans to escape the snakes that fed on them. It was quite an out of balance situation! Daphne Oberon
Comment from Envision

The story is very interesting and your drawing depicts the subject matter well. I like the expressions you created on the people and the rodents are a cute addition.

 Comment Written 08-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 08-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much!
Comment from a.samathasena

Wish your contest.Great entry.The Gorgeous The bananas with another fruit and their body details are make a nice scene.Their faces hair and color cloths are very nice too.
I like this talent work.Color blending and creativity are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 08-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 08-Sep-2018
    I have not been able to give you positive reviews or communicate with you for over a month I think now, because it is as though you have blocked me (by accident?) I will see if this goes through. I asked supergold to try and contact you for me as the management would not. Thank you for your great reviews and you have done some exciting new work I would have praised highly had I been able to, Daphne Oberon
Comment from GaliaG

lovely entry for the contest, good luck with it

good creativity, imagination and initial impact

good technique and presentation

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 05-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 05-Sep-2018
    Thank you very much! I am going to add the following to Banana Inspector: Growing bananas at this elevation was an experiment. It was misty a lot, so much so that sometimes under certain conditions tunnels or rainbows appeared between the threes when one looked down through the mist from a high point. Surprisingly, bananas turned out to do very well in this environment. The fruit sparkled faintly when the peel was drawn back and they tasted a bit different. (I never saw commercial bananas sparkle!)