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Abstract Flowing Water

Abstract impression of flowing water

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Comment from dalebraatz

A very interesting motion going on here, like the way the colors create water in motion , very nice details and depth, a pleasure to look at, thank you for sharing, dale

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2018

reply by the author on 03-Oct-2018
    Many thanks, Dale, for your very nice review.
reply by dalebraatz on 03-Oct-2018
    Your welcome
Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A beautiful image that reminds me of looking down from the top of tall steep cliffs onto the sea swirling around the rocks at the base of the cliffs at high tide on a tough & windy day the currents & the wind whipping up the sea as it swirls & crashes against the cliffs spay filling the air & wetting my face & glasses, the smell of ozone & the taste of salt up my nose & on my lips. Created with your Artist's eye for composition knowledge of colours & paints and how they react with one another in creating this living image.

 Comment Written 03-Oct-2018

reply by the author on 03-Oct-2018
    Thanks so much, Susan, for your lovely review and for seeing so many things in this.