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Flamingos and Moonlight

Moonlight and a group of flamingos

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Comment from Lucas Sizov

A perfect fantasy art! You do know how to hide your work till the very last moment, Sindy Sue! I recognize your wonderful style without doubts. The flamingos are fantastic! The moon is cool! I love this piece! I think of this one as 6*s. I don't have any 6left. Good luck in the contest! ! !

 Comment Written 16-Nov-2018

Comment from Monica Morrell

I love your design and creativity!
Great happy fun colors.
A whimsical fun piece.
A unique and interesting piece for the contest!
I wish you the best of luck in the voting!

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2018

Comment from alaskapat

Beautiful digital artwork, very magical to view, beautiful vibrant colors and tones , the moon in its crescent phase with its face showing , lights the way for the gorgeous flamingos to play , beautiful motion in this scene , sparkling stars in the sky ! This would be an excellent page in a fantastic child's storybook ! This is very well created and was a pleasure to view! Best wishes to you in the contest!

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2018