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Viende Rojo (Seeing Red)

Spanish Bull

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Comment from Elijah Lee

Hello Neil, This is wonderful, a great Traditional Art piece, Loving the composition and the depth in this the shadowing is good too!
Thanks for sharing!
Hope to see more soon!

 Comment Written 06-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 06-Dec-2018
    Thank you so much for your positive comments
Comment from MKFlood

so ummm..was he charging at you during the sketch or when you applied the paint? man your can paint and run at the same time..evil teasing. awesome work. the facial expression is great. the body form and language is great. the shading is great. the depth is great. the blend of color is great. the creation is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. very creative and awesome work overall.

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 06-Dec-2018
    thank you so much for your humour and your in depth review. I am so pleased you like it..muchas gracias mi amigo :)
Comment from jesuel

what a beautiful piece of art the clor composition is outstanding the dark color against the bright red background really makes your subject matter pop beautiful work here

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 05-Dec-2018
    Thank you my friend for a very encouraging review
Comment from Monica Morrell

This is a wonderful image.
A work of art with great detail and action.
Great eye appealing colors. Bold and strong red and orange colors representing the big bold bull.
I am sure it was a spectacular adventure when you were a witness to the amazing bull fight.
I am glad you found your memorabilia and I am sure your display will be both interesting and fun.

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 05-Dec-2018
    Gracias mi amiga , it's very much appreciated
Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A beautiful painting of this magnificent black bull rearing up as it charges eyes wide it's coat glossy black it's shadow against the vermilion backdrop. Showing the beauty of this animal & to me the horrors of Bullfighting painfully killing just for the thrill it gives the onlookers. Created by your artist's eye for composition knowledge of the bull's anatomy & your ability to convey on your canvas what your eyes see. Very skilful brushwork beautiful choice blending & application of your colours in bringing this magnificent Bull to roaring life.

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 05-Dec-2018
    thank you for your in-depth review,i appreciate that you have taken time to look in detail at this painting :)
Comment from Renate-Bertodi

It is obvious that you have put a lot of effort into the paintings and the skin of the bull is really superb as are its legs and feet and head. I would have liked the bull to be further to the right, as there is a sort of unfinished feeling at not seeing the hind part. Superb work.

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 05-Dec-2018
    Thank you, the structure with bull is on purpose as it shows him coming in from the frame as if he's entering the ring.The space in front gives him room to manoeuvre and gives the painting, hopefully, movement and depth .Thank you for your comments
Comment from Lynn R

I can feel the weight, power and strength of this bull, charging, being in command, the smell, and power all come through this painting. Very well done and very live like.

 Comment Written 04-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 05-Dec-2018
    thank you very much for your encouraging words
Comment from avmurray

It is a lot of things I like about this painting. For example the red background with the great shadows, and also the feel of motion. I also Like the way the bull is entering the frame from the left.

The bull is painted paying very good attention to details and it is fine shadings and textures in the body. Smooth and accurate brush work, and good use of high lights.

The format and framing is working really well in my opinion, and it doesn't bother me at all that we don't see the full body of the bull. I think this is a great looking and well done painting Neil.

 Comment Written 04-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 04-Dec-2018
    thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed in-depth and positive review,its greatly appreciated my friend
reply by avmurray on 04-Dec-2018
    You are most welcome Neil.
Comment from Lucas Sizov

Wow! It's a pleasure to look at this art! How much energy and action and movement!!! The red background is very intense. Also the shadow is very dramatic! The bull is magnificent! Excellent details!!!

 Comment Written 04-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 04-Dec-2018
    Thank you so much for your encouraging review
Comment from Brendaartwork18

I think this is quite stunning in its simplicity. The gorgeous red so well outlines the bull and so emotive of the feelings against bullfighting and indeed the actions of the 'sport'. The brushwork is awe inspiring. I love oils I think The colours are much more vibrant than other mediums. I am still a novice in their use. Best wishes for successful restaurant event. Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 04-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 04-Dec-2018
    Thank you so much for your encouraging review and oils are a great medium, stick with them my friend, they are so rewarding