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16 months on this one pen and ink drawing.

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Comment from Christine Rohr

Wow!! This is really an unbelievable piece of art. Even after studying it closely I don't even understand how you accomplished this. I love the idea this, the lines of it and the flaming sun against all the black and steel. This is perfect in everyway. Congratulations of the second place win but more importantly imaging such an incredible view of the universe.

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from Bruceiorio

I gave you six stars for this great design and for your incredible patience in creating all the fine details.
Good composition.
Good depth of field.
A very good angle of view.
Nice perspective.
Nice details and textures.
Good presentation.

 Comment Written 24-Dec-2018

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

A concrete web-like design.
Monochromatic overtone with some yellow accents.

Detailed design which is not bilaterally symmetrical.

I know this would be a bit boring when framed in square format!

Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 24-Dec-2018