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Winter fun with Minnie

Winter fun with Minnie

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Comment from Shadow catcher

An adorable contest entry! Minnie is definitely decked out for winter fun,from her Santa hat down to her warm looking boots.Like the addition of the snowflakes,they add interest to your image,and break up the white void.Hope this does very well in the contest!

 Comment Written 29-Dec-2018

Comment from Daphne Oberon

You captured her spirit and she looks authentic. Perfect mouth, great shading on the boots. Good color for the boots! Thanks for sharing! Daphne Oberon

 Comment Written 28-Dec-2018

Comment from Mary Christman

my granddaughter would love this. her favorite character is Minni Mouse.
you did such a great job creating this.
great details. perfect coloring.
the background is a great way to frame this.
really enjoyed this. thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 28-Dec-2018

Comment from Pamela Ruggiero

Hi Miranda. This looks like a good entry for the contest. I never realized that she only has three fingers rather than four. Lol I think her hands are bit big and the top looks odd to me. Overall very cute. Good luck in the contest. Thank you for sharing

 Comment Written 28-Dec-2018

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Fantabulous facial reaction!
Creative concept. Innovative approach. Imaginative presentation.
An impressive artwork rendition. Colorful creation with excellent strokes & textures. Good compositional style. Great overall impact! Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 28-Dec-2018

Comment from a.samathasena

Wish your contest.The Gorgeous entry for the contest.Very Nice artistic cartoon art.His Face action and color body details are make a nice scene.Hat And color cloths are very eye catching.Background is beautiful.I like this nice work.Color blending and creativity are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 28-Dec-2018

Comment from Ducky 😘

Who can judge a Minnie Mouse art 101. My children would have been thrilled between the ages of 5 to 7 to be just like your art. it would have been quite interesting if you had expanded beyond your box to add more than just Minnie pose.

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2018

Comment from Kim Keel

Gotta love some Minnie mouse! Very nice job on the design. I would suggest working on your snowflakes so they don't look so much like arrows. Colors don't match up but other than that, good job

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 Comment Written 27-Dec-2018

Comment from GaliaG

Lovely draw of this well known character

good composition, presentation and initial impact

good technique and creativity

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2018

Comment from Lynn R

I think it is hard to capture the essence of cartoon characters that we grew up with. Anyone can paint a cartoon mouse, but it takes talent to capture a character like Minnie Mouse. Walt would be proud. Well done.

 Comment Written 27-Dec-2018