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The Gazebo at SpringLake

Oil painting of the Gazebo looking over the beach

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Comment from Linda Bickston

I love fresh art. New, un sullied by the world. This picture is beautiful. The gazebo, gazing out at the shore with it's sparse bushes, and is waves pulsing against the sand. The sky with it's puffy clouds. All is perfect.

 Comment Written 06-Jan-2019

Comment from alaskapat

I really like the perspective you created in this piece, looking out onto the ocean and the beach from the white wooden gazebo. This is very well rendered with good detail , and nice colors very well applied here! This makes me think of summer! Nice show of the motion on the water. And well created boardwalk along the beach. Well arranged and presented! Best wishes to you in the contest!

 Comment Written 06-Jan-2019