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Dragons Tail


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Comment from Christine Rohr

As is much of the work I have seen from you since I have been on this site. It is really rich looking in design and color.
I congratulate you on your placement in this contest. It is fabulous.

 Comment Written 12-Feb-2019

Comment from iPhone7

Wow. This has Such a dramatic initial impact. The bold colors instantly capture the eye and the imagination.

This is really so cool. The designs and shapes are wonderful and then having them placed in a spiral pattern is icing on the cake.

Fabulous work Cindy Sue ~ Steve

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2019

Comment from Mr Jones

wow is soo very lovely. very impressive in all aspects. a great and wonderful start to the year and with the most awesome and delightful swirls and curls. is a unique and intricate presentation. very inspirational on all fronts.

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2019

Comment from memephotos

good notes .
great design and application
great colours .
( actual reminds me of peacock feathers .) like the touches of blue makes it shine . Thanks

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2019

Comment from alaskapat

This is just so beautiful, it's magical ! I love the way the dragons tail curls around, love the col Sr and all of the patterns you have applied to create this magical dragons tail! This looks like it's put together with millions of tiny threads all stitched together! Very well created, it's a pleasure to view!

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2019

Comment from a.samathasena

What a gorgeous great eye catching fractal art.Beautiful artistic digital drawing scene. The gold silver and another color spiral designs are make a nice scene.Color blending is great.I like this nice scene.Creativity color are excellent.Thanks.

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2019

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Exotic creation with complex design.
Impeccable presentation.
Visually mesmerizing.
Fantabulous features and textures.

Compact framing.
Subdued lighting.
Harmonious colors.

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 07-Jan-2019