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Fractal Flower

A unknown Flower

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Comment from Lucas Sizov

I recognized your style, Cindy Sue!!! This is awesome! Fantastic shapes and colors! The colors are gorgeous! Especially gold center of the flower. it was a great idea to make blurry the corners and move the center of your composition to the top. I just voted for it and hope it wins the contest. Only one thing is wrong, I am out of 6s to award this art as i want to. I admire your wonderful talent!!!!!

 Comment Written 10-Jan-2019

Comment from jgrace

This is a beautiful rendition of a flower. The fractal petal layers show up nicely and the colors are striking. I love the yellow in the center. It has a wonderful glow. Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2019

Comment from alaskapat

This is so beautiful and unique, I love the colors in this fractal flower, beautiful purples , blues , the seafoam green, yellow hints of pink . The shape of the petals and this full frame arrangement all come together beautifully! This is very well created and a pleasure to view! Well presented!

 Comment Written 08-Jan-2019