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Here's lookin' at you, Pete

Pete from Mickey Mouse

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Comment from Mary Christman

Another fun drawing you created! Always enjoy your work and creative!
This has great details!
The colors are done nicely!
This is an all round great job!
Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 13-Jan-2019

Comment from jgrace

Miranda, you did a great job on this one. Pete is well drawn and painted. The colors you chose really makes him stand out. I like how his one hand is pointing at you demanding attention. Well done.

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from Lilibug6

This is a very nice likeness of Pete=) The colors are very good! The pose of the character is great! This is very well done and lots of fun to view! Lori

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from Danielle Andrukitis

Cool cartoon! You did wonderfully with his facial expression and pose. Great details and colors. You know, it took my longer than I'd like to admit to realize that Pete is a fat cat. Haha. Awesome job.

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from alaskapat

Awesome again Miranda! Pete is moving right toward me and he's pointing his finger at me too! Very well drawn , excellent shape and structure, excellent show of the dimension, Pete is cool in his blue jeans and red shirt with blue jacket with gold buttons and his awesome blue hat! Great facial shape and structure too! Very well arranged and presented!

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from Denise B

Better run! Great energy in this one. Good use of color and facial expression to give a hint of a story. Good movement. Well done. Are your characters being used in a story?

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from GaliaG

Very funny and lovely

excellent cartoon draw

good composition, presentation and initial impact

a pleasure to view, thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 11-Jan-2019

Comment from Sean T Phelan

Pete's a character that one doesn't happen across very often,my friend,and your colorful depiction of him is a lotta' fun to look at! : D
'Good Show',my friend!

 Comment Written 10-Jan-2019

Comment from a.samathasena

What an eye catching great drawing art.The artistic mickey mouse cartoon scene.The unusual expressions with face and body details are make a nice scene.Color cloths and background are help for the scene.I like this nice work and scene.Creativity color are excellent.Thanks.

 Comment Written 10-Jan-2019