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Camelia Buds

a Camelia bud cut in two

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Comment from cleo85

This is an intriguing idea for a macro shot. I have never seen the inside of a Camellia bud before. The composition showes well defined details and good colors. The textures of the cut bud are also interesting.

 Comment Written 30-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 31-Mar-2019
    Thank you again, Cleo, for your review.
reply by cleo85 on 31-Mar-2019
    Always you're welcome. :o)
Comment from supergold

this was one of the very few true macro (only 3) and apparently some people prefered considering a macro an elephant or dog head! crazy;
outstanding sharp details;
(il y a vraiment trop de gens stupides sur ce site)

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 30-Jan-2019
    Merci beaucoup pour votre encouragement et votre observation juste concernant la compréhensiion de "macro". Bonne journée.
Comment from avmurray

I think this is quite an original entry for this contest, and it is also the first time I have seed the inside of a Camelia bud. It is very delicate colors in this bud, and I therefore think the vibrant green background is stealing too much attention. A background in brown hues would have worked better in my opinion.

Your photo is however nice and sharp showing clear and well defined details, and also the exposure is very good.

The format and framing works well, but perhaps a bit more negative space at the top and bottom would have been even better. Still this is an all together lovely and well taken photo, and I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 19-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Thank you very much for your helpful comments. I will darken the background and extend it. Thanks again.
reply by avmurray on 19-Jan-2019
    You are more than welcome.
Comment from Shadow catcher

This is so cool ,excellent idea to show the inside of the bud to give us a peek at what lies within.Really intrigued by the development of the blossom inside and all the detail you were able to capture.This is a great contest entry and I hope it does well!

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you so much for your encouraging review
Comment from dalebraatz

A very interesting and unique image captured here, very nice colors and textures and depth, very nice details,
A pleasure to look at, thank you for sharing, dale

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your kind review.
Comment from alaskapat

This is a well thought out composition, it's interesting to view this dissected bud and all of the details that are visible here, the stem and the changing petals as this flower is developing inside. This is well focused, the image is clear, exposure is well managed, co,ors and tones appear natural. Well composed against the vivid green background, well,presented! Best to you in the contest!

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your nice reivew.
Comment from michiganmike

A very nice image with good colors and immaculately sharp details. Unless this subject is about the size of a pin head I doubt that you are approaching 50x magnification. But a very fine image nonetheless.

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your comments and your correction.
Comment from Cephus

Can not believe that the magnification is 50x - at 50x, a 1/2 mm wide bud would fill the entire frame - I can believe 5x though.
Detail is rather soft and a lack of contrast makes it rather difficult to discern details.

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your generous review and correction, which I shall make.
Comment from a.samathasena

Good Luck.Glad To see this great mixed media shot and scene.The Gorgeous unusual new way macro work.The Flower bud inside details and green background are make a nice scene.The Yellow macro petals and pistils are make a nice nature scene.I like this lovely excellent work.Focus color are excellent.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 14-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 14-Jan-2019
    Thank you so much for your kind review.